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  1. larollin

    larollin Member

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but I've been reading here for a while.
    The Ascend has limited video playback. .mp4 looks really bad. I have some converted h.264 with aac audio. The problem is the playback. Its very choppy. Looks very good besides the choppy playback. Is there a magical fpr that our phone needs?

    I've tried every video app. Rock player, xyplayer. Using Vital player now with brightness control. I've tried all formats including.... Flv and wmv. Again they all play and looks like HD but its delayed frame by frame.

    Anyway, can we work together on video playback. I got a real good HD quality .mp4 h.264 aac Looks like at least 720p but Its choppy and can't watch it like that. Help............

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  2. larollin

    larollin Member

    Ok, so doing some research it seems. The higher the screen ratio, the higher the fps needs to be. For example.... a basic 320x240 should only require 23fps. 720x356 would need 29fps. I'll test this out later but our phones are limited to the cpu speed. Also, when I put the phone in airplane mode and killed all running apps. The playback became slighty better. CPU overclock also helped to but still choppy.
  3. CRUMBsnatcher

    CRUMBsnatcher Well-Known Member

    Try researching 'Dvdvideosoft' on google. It has free programs for converting media, and one of them just happens to be "Convert video to android". Just download that, convert the video, and you should be good to go.
  4. larollin

    larollin Member

    Hi guys, I've been using handbrake with great results. 480x320 fills the entire screen like a tv. The problem is my Ascend will not play a video encoded with h.264 I'm reading everywhere that it does but mine does not. I think the video will be a litter brighter and sharper. I also read here.....How to convert videos and transfer them to the Huawei Ascend - Know Your Cell One thing i have to try is the guide says pick ipod legacy.

    The tutorial is correct. However, i've tried h.264 and my phone won't play it? 480x320 .mp4 h.264 25fps 1500kbs and it won't play. Says cannot play this video. I want to convert the way I want it and I want h.264 !:(
  5. larollin

    larollin Member

    Guess what ! I stopped all processes and overclocked the cpu to its max. I removed all open widgets and turned off the 3g network. I put the phone in airplane mode. I also removed alot of applications. The more room the better performance.

    The .mp4 and h.264 movies are beautiful. The quality improved 100% I guess with all the stuff running it took away quality from the movies. I wish I could save the movies to the phone itself. This way the phone is not dependent on the transfer rate of the card !

    Also, got Vital player to run in software mode with brightness control. Before it was choppy but now its smooth like butter and I can make my movies brighter :)
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