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  1. cool8742

    cool8742 Member

    Is there a video converter app in the works for Android that enables your to convert videos from your G1? Like, let's say, mpeg or wmv to mpeg 4 or 3gp so that you can watch it on the G1?

  2. mmosier

    mmosier New Member

    I would love to know that too.

  3. gewgluvr

    gewgluvr Well-Known Member

    Do you mean a desktop app or a codec for video player?
  4. Manacit

    Manacit Well-Known Member

  5. relymech

    relymech New Member

    try avs video convecter works great on many formats
  6. relymech

    relymech New Member

    Try avs vidieo converter
  7. I've used the below instructions with great success to convert my dvd rips. Keep in mind that you first have to get SOG Video Converter and the Video app from the Android Market first (duh) :p.

    SOG Video Converter options that give proper aspect ratio using 1.0 Video Player on G1 (SOG the only converter that I have tried that works for this)

    Choose profile setting "to iPhone"

    480X320, H.264: Excellent Quality : (I adjust the parameters as listed below)

    Audio = 64
    Video Quality = 312 (you can make it higher, this value gives more space for video files with good quality).
    Frame rate = 23.97
    Output Image = Keep Aspect Ratio (this is important)
    Video resolution = 480:320

    If you get a full version of SOG and dont know how to open and save a file with above settings THEN GOOGLE IT OR READ THE USER GUIDE FOR SOG!
  8. Alarictric

    Alarictric Member

    There's a program called iLove that makes conversion quick and easy too. It was made with the iphone in mind, but I used to use it for my cowon d2. There are settings for different devices, just use the iphone settings, its been working great for me
  9. Schmirgel

    Schmirgel Member

    My personal fav is Android Converter from www.android-converter.com

    Very nice iTunes like GUI and more than comfortable and fast! The trial version is 3 weeks for free.
  10. cool8742

    cool8742 Member

    Oh, awesome, thanks!
  11. Ageless Stranger

    Ageless Stranger Well-Known Member

    I use any video converter - free edition when in the land of windows. As the name implies, it is the free version and converts most popular formats into any other popular format. I spent ages looking at free video converters, tried loads and finally settled on this because it is quick, it is free and most of all its best at batch jobs. Great when I wanted to convert my family guy, DS9 and farscape in one sitting.
  12. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One... VIP Member

    Agreed good program but I myself settled on Format Factory also because it's free and basically idiot proof.... http://www.download.com/FormatFactory/3000-2194_4-10819418.html?tag=mncol
  13. Schmirgel

    Schmirgel Member

    Thanks for the two links! But compareable with the android converter they offer much less fun and video quality.

    I still go on with "android converter" at the moment - even one day I have to pay for it.

    For sure it's worth to give the software a try!
  14. MadeWithChicken

    MadeWithChicken New Member

    Maybe I misunderstood but doesn't cool8742 want an android native app. PC based conversion programs are everywhere.

    I need this so I can not bring my laptop with me when out of town. I just connect to my home server and download the video I want and if it does not play I can convert it to mp4 all on my phone.

    Maybe there is a player that will play ALL codecs but I have not found it.
  15. foratm

    foratm New Member

    I just found that Vuze (aka Azureus) even though it is a torrent down loading program the new version does have a droid feature on it now as well that you can drag and drop videos into it when your phone is plugged in and will convert and transfer for you similar to itunes. Here is a list of compatible android phones
    HTC Desire
    HTC Evo
    HTC Hero
    HTC Incredible
    HTC Magic
    HTC Wildfire
    Motorola Cliq
    Motorola Droid
    Motorola Droid X
    Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S
  16. jaggedwraith

    jaggedwraith New Member

    The purpose to the thread was to discover a native app that would encode video without the need of microsoft windows, linux or command line software.

    If there such and app on the market, appslib or slideme.
  17. Billybaldin

    Billybaldin Member

    I use the free version of realplayer. I just load the video into Realplayer and hit the tools then convert button. It has many options for what you want to convert it to. I convert it straight to 3gp for my Incredible and it even uploads it straight to my phone if I desire. I can load as many as I want it start and let it rip.
  18. ynaught

    ynaught New Member

    Is that on Android?? I downloaded Realplayer for Android, but none of my .avi files show up in it...

    I'm guessing you're talking about Realplayer on a PC... which is YET ANOTHER PC application...not what the poster (nor the rest of us) are looking for.
  19. mandrewpark

    mandrewpark New Member

    Looking for a converter as well but a lot of video files will play on arcmedia or rockplayer.
  20. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    The suggestions here are already good enough - Format Factory, Any Video Converter.
    I would add to that Handbrake.
  21. bennypole

    bennypole Member

    YOu can use Videora Android Converter is the easiest android converter and also it is free to download. You can convert any format of video into android compatible format, and enjoy your videos in your androids. The application even converts YouTube videos and DVD format files into android compatible formats
  22. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    Sorry but Videora is very limited and full of bloody SPAM...
  23. howardhaines98

    howardhaines98 New Member

    This is what I am looking for. Thanks very much, you guys.
  24. That was my impression too. But even if there's an app for that, video conversion on a phone would take FOREVER! Phones have tiny CPUs, GPUs (if any) and RAM!

    I use simple drag & drop 'Smart Converter'. But on OSX! Running on an iMac or MBP! I wouldn't think of even trying it on a phone.
  25. davispolk

    davispolk Member

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