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    Dec 1, 2011
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    Maybe I'm not using the right keywords to search because I can't seem to find any info

    I know the Galaxy S4 has an option within Video clips for Edit which downloads a Video Editor from Samsung Apps. I checked out the specs on it and it's a pretty hefty-sized app 100+ MBs I believe. I didn't see any "great" or "highly recommend" reviews for it.

    So I googled and found nothing on recommended apps for video editors / video editing on the Galaxy S4. I'm looking for something that will include the basics like trimming and maybe orientation flip from horizontal/vertical. More advanced editing I know will be much better on a comp but something that I can use on the go say if I shot a lengthy video and I want to trim a piece and change the orientation, maybe add a quick title and/or a fade effect and upload to youtube, instagram or facebook.

    Any recommendations at all out there?




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