Root Video Guide to Odin Stock, Root, Protect Root, Update OTA, Odin CWM, Flash and Keep CWM With Root

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    May 11, 2012
    This will be a guide with a tremendous amount of links and videos. I apologize in advance as they could be better made, and may be in the future. However something is better than nothing.

    So to start I would recommend you download all of the following things (if you don't need them skip to the video links below). Expand the hide tags for your phone and download links if need be.

    For Sprint

    For Boost Download these four

    Download for both phones.

    And that should be it for the downloads

    Now depending on what you want to do you should watch the videos in a different order. I also do recommend skipping long parts if desired, but I left EVERYTHING in for processes so people can get a feel for times, and how things should happen exactly if necessary.

    However this assumes you want to end up with a stock 2.3.6 with cwm and root. (I prefer this method as the baseband gets updated as well)

    Remember to run the drivers for your OS for the phone first if you have not done so.

    This video will show you how to use odin and return a sprint phone to stock 2.3.4. If you need to use it for boost, follow the thread Odin flashing(Return to stock) for the Samsung Transform Ultra. Basically the same steps I show except use the other .ops and do the process three times with each different .tar

    This video will outline rooting your 2.3.4 and than installing and running rootkeeper. Finally the last step is to run the OTA and show that root is kept.

    This video will outline odining cwm and flashing cwm+root for 2.3.6 by interdpth. Loota Also did a thread on this with video, so if my poor planning does not help you do it correctly than try his.

    Finally for those looking on more information on using CWM itself please refer to these two videos. They assume you have CWM.

    I tried to make this as simple and foolproof as possible. However those who think they can make something foolproof are themselves fools. Please let me know if anything needs clarification, commentary, or plain just fixing.

    Thanks to (in no particular order) bads3ctor interdpth Loota penguinrepair Shabbypenguin Chevanlol36 BobZhome mavrikmeercat

    Sorry if I forgot anyone and anything.


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    May 11, 2012
    I am going to reserve this for future purposes (such as doing all this to a boost phone and separating the above post).

    I got a little carried away with the op, which originally was just to have video footage of what other threads explained.

    Ideally no one would get scared by reading instructions only that all said 'could brick your phone' if they could see how it was supposed to actually go through from start to finish.

    It's far from perfect, but if it helps one person see where they are having a problem physically, it will be easier to explain when they ask for help. That will make me very happy.
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