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  1. HiveMate

    HiveMate New Member

    So I've had my Incredible S for two weeks now. Everything seemed to be working well until now. Whenever I start a video after a few seconds the video pauses. As in it actually pauses, and then starts again if I click on play. The video then catches up and everything goes on fine until it once again pauses.

    This happens with every format, regardless if I uploaded in from PC or I took a video with the phone.

    I've tried different players, it didn't help. Restarted it several times.

    This keeps happening when I'm watching videos offline, as in, this doesn't happen when I'm watching youtube etc.

    What could be the problem? How can I fix this?

  2. HiveMate

    HiveMate New Member

    Just noticed another problem. Whenever I want to take a photo the camera keeps blinking, yet it's all fine when recording video. Creepy stuff.
  3. Well, I should to say everything goes well with my IS, I think you can try to restart your device or even reset to factory setting in "Setting" "SD&phone storage" "Factory data reset". If nothing happened, I think you need to send it back to repair.
  4. ashvarma

    ashvarma Active Member

    Could have something to do with the speed of the SD card .. assuming your offline video is getting stored on the SD card.
  5. Yes, if so, I think he should test the speed of SD card.
  6. ajh94

    ajh94 Well-Known Member

    Try a faster SD card (Class 4 or 6) and try playing videos with MoboPlayer.. Get it from the market

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