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Video Lag

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  1. andadroid

    andadroid Well-Known Member

    Anyone have a problem with the sound/video not matching up? I put some movies on my droid to help with travel time and had lag problems. Video is crisp (the hangover, for the record), but the sound was slightly off. Checked the file and on my computer all is fine. Is there a fix for this?

  2. KidFlash

    KidFlash Well-Known Member

    Whenever I begin to notice a lag in my videos, I turn my phone off, then on and the lag goes away. Did you try that already?
  3. sasaboss

    sasaboss Member

    wow thanks, like you said, restarting the phone solved the problem but does anyone know why the video lag happens and how often? i just got a samsung spica, in part cause it plays divx out of box. videos played perfect and then after a few days i got major lag, the audio was going real time but the video was in some slow, skippy motion. hope that doesnt happen so often that i have to restart the phone every other day to fix it..

    HAMMERIN HANK Active Member

    this happens on every movie i watch on my phone if i pause, ff or rw. It is so annoying that I am thinking of just giving the motoroi to my neice when the 2nd android phone comes out for Korea this month. A Samsung model that has 2.1 as native OS but I do lose the fantastic Xenon flash.

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