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  1. dirtaydork

    dirtaydork Member

    happens when i get a txt message while listening to music or watching a video on jetflicks.. cant seem to see how to stop it.. kinda annoying bz i have to restart my video frm the start... any1 knw how i can change it or am i stuck? jst got the phn today and actually like it better than the Hero, ive looked every where online and cant seem to find anything was told a task killer lol bt that did nthing at all...

  2. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Explore the settings of your music and video players for reactions to notifications and incoming calls.
  3. exile1975

    exile1975 Well-Known Member

    if your using streaming music or video apps the phone switches networks for incoming calls, stops internet downloads as well.
  4. dirtaydork

    dirtaydork Member

    cant find setting for the music or video settings, no clue very annoying, as for the incoming calls i know the network stops.... like i said this is a new phn the last ones ive had never stop video whn i got a txt message.. still tryin to look online n see wth it its doing it and how to stop it..
  5. dirtaydork

    dirtaydork Member

    its not a music videos, im on jetflicks watching tv shows.. and when i get it txt it shut it off. jst like whn i play the music on my player it dtops them not to worry bout the music part, jst the streaming of videos while online n get a txt.

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