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  1. Jfoy

    Jfoy Member

    I converted a few videos to play on my Evo. I played a couple of them no problem, then the audio and video got all out of sync. It looks as if the audio is playing fine but the video is playing slower than it should, making it so they don't match up. It does this for about 30 seconds, getting more and more out of wack then the video jumps to catch up and it all starts over again.

    I am pretty sure it isn't the video files cause played several already and they worked fine, but the same files don't work now. I have cleared the apps cache data, and done a battery pull.. Still messed up. They are avi files, and I'm using qq player to watch them.

    any help would be great.

    Do have ATK pro and killed all apps as well.. Didn't help.

  2. Jfoy

    Jfoy Member

    Ok.. So qq player has a button on the bottom far left that changes the aspect radio, or stretches it to make it full screen... While it is full screen I have this problem.. Once I changed it back it stopped.. (didn't even realize I had changed it to begin with).

    So there it is...

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