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  1. themonkster

    themonkster Well-Known Member

    Hello Galaxy Owners,

    My friend got his Galaxy today. I myself have a Hero. I tried watching on the Galaxy but it wont play at all.

    I tried installing Real Player as well to see if that streamed but again it wouldn't work just a blank screen then an error message.

    It works totally fine on my Hero.

    Also the mplayer (BBC Iplayer app) it really struggles streaming the programmes but again works fine on my Hero side my side.

    Has anyone any ideas why there's a problem ? The hardware is far superior to the Hero so this should'nt be a problem.

    He's also encountering problems with you tube video playback freezing.

    Any Help would be appreciated....

  2. shaun166

    shaun166 Member

    try use skyfire(a browser)?
  3. nickporwal

    nickporwal Well-Known Member

    Its because samsung has not provided flashlite with the phone os like HTC. This problem will be solved in froyo. just wait few more months
  4. heyhoo

    heyhoo Member

    Or just simply use for android
  5. SquidgyB

    SquidgyB Member

    If you're prepared to flash one of the early FroYo roms on xda you can get iPlayer working through flash in the browser - with much better quality than I had previously though myplayer as well.

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