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  1. Turbojoe

    Turbojoe Well-Known Member

    I don't intend to carry a lot of video on my LG Optimus C but I did want to bring in some "Trunk Monkey" videos to show someone at work the other day. They wouldn't play with the video player that came on the phone. I downloaded and installed MVideo and the same thing. I tried all video file types and nothing would play. No work with .avi, no .WMV, no .mpg. Some did have sound. Almost seems like it needs a codec update. Any ideas what I need to do? Maybe I just have two crappy video players......


  2. larkascending

    larkascending Active Member

    try arcMedia
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  3. Turbojoe

    Turbojoe Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Just got it. .wmv and .mpg suck but .avi and .mov seem to work well. The Trunk Monkey videos are .mov so I'm a happy camper. Loading them all now.

  4. larkascending

    larkascending Active Member

    No problem man, sorry I couldn't get you an answer earlier. I've been trying to root this phone for 2 weeks! :(
  5. squirtmph

    squirtmph New Member

    what about MX Player? or arcMedia its better with this phone?
  6. NeoRage

    NeoRage Member

    I've been using MX and it seem to work great. haven't tried arcMedia yet though

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