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  1. LuxDomino

    LuxDomino New Member

    hey, i'm having problems playing videos on my HTC wildfire, ive converted the files to mp4 and can find them on my phone but playing them is the problem,

    i get sound but no picture, and some times the thing has to force quit.

    any ideas what could be up? any help would be great

    thank you.

  2. fjdouse

    fjdouse Active Member


    What resolution are you encoding at? I've got loads of mp4s which I encoded for my iPod touch, 640x320 or whatever depending on aspect ratio, they don't work for me on the wildfire.

    Also be sure you are not encoding the video as H264, that doesn't seem to work.. for me anyway.

    I've just tested a South Park ep, 512x384 @ 25fps, MP4 (Mpeg-4 Video and AAC Audio), very choppy but it works.
  3. LuxDomino

    LuxDomino New Member

    hi, thanks for the tips i'll have alook and report back my findings

    got it playing now and looking fine, just cant sort out subs on my anime stuff lol. oh well.
  4. fjdouse

    fjdouse Active Member

    No, I think you will have to find an encoder that will hard-encode the subs into the movie itself. I think Handbrake will do that, give it a try.
  5. fjdouse

    fjdouse Active Member

    Got some info for you.

    ArcMedia which has just been updated, plays various formats but evidently DO subtitles. It has to be enabled in it's settings, has to be in .srt format and use the same filename as the video file, ie:


    Hope that helps
  6. KX36

    KX36 Member

    MP4 is just a container, it says nothing about what is inside it. I use h264 video and AAC sound in my MP4s when I rip from bluray for use on the PC, but I wouldn't use high definition codecs for mobile video.

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