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  1. CTumilson

    CTumilson New Member

    So today I went to view a video on my phone and when i hit play, it just came up all white, but the audio still plays.

    I checked the rest of my videos, and its all the same, nothing but a white screen with the audio.

    Any idea what caused this, or how to go about fixing it?

    I can connect via USB to my laptop and view all the videos fine, so its not the videos itself that the problem is with

  2. CTumilson

    CTumilson New Member

    It also does the same for YouTube videos
  3. bjkempston

    bjkempston New Member

    I have the same problem on occasion. I find that removing the battery and then replacing it solves it - until the next time. I'm still looking for a cause....
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  4. senthamil

    senthamil Well-Known Member

  5. CTumilson

    CTumilson New Member

    That solved the problem. Thanks very much! :D

    And Selvan, the problem was with the player itself, not the format, but thanks anyway :)

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