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  1. dasbone

    dasbone Member

    I have had my Evo since launch day. I have recorded some videos for fun and they play back on the phone nicely. But today, I connected the phone to my PC and wanted to play a video. I got video with no sound. I tried several I recorded...some at 720fps and some at VGA. Same results.

    Videos I downloaded from You Tube play fine. Just the ones I recorded on my phone. I have a relatively new HP running Widows 7 and have used Quick Time and Windows Media Player. Neither would play the sound. Anyone have a problem like this? Thanks.

  2. Please, please, please, please do a search. I have personally answered at LEAST 10 threads with this SAME EXACT question in the last 2 months....

    You computer doesnt have the correct audio codec. So you either find out what codec that is and download it, or just simply play the file with VLC Player (free download) or Quicktime (also free).
  3. Tekpower

    Tekpower New Member

    All video that I record on my EVO does not have sound when I play or edit in Windows Live Movie Maker. The audio plays just fine in VLC and other players but not Live Movie Maker.
  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    As sitlet says, you're missing the right audio codec - google for an AMR codec for your version of Windows and Live Movie Maker - you ought to be able to find one for free. (Not a Live Movie Maker user, so I freely admit that I'm merely assuming you can add codecs to it, like other packages - if so, AMR is the one you want.)

    Hope this helps.
  5. Correct, although I havent found an AMR codec that will work in a video editor. I just strip the audio out, and use quicktime to convert it to mp3 or something similar, then drop the audio back into the video.
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  6. Towne

    Towne New Member

    I have read the questions related to taking video with my HTC EVO and not being able to play it back with sound on my PC. I have followed the directions and done google searches and all the downloads from the internet on ARM codec but it doesn't work. I can see the program files on my pc and the file still open without sound. Sitlet and EarlyMon haven't given us any directions on what to do once we have downloaded these applications. The videos still don't play with sound with this suggestion. I found a free product called "AVS Converter" that seemed to work. Has anybody contacted HTC or Windows to inform them of this issue. It seems a no-brainer when the sales pitch is..."easily download videos from your new EVO". I have a brand new PC with windows 7 so it isn't a matter of having the latest. Not impressed.
  7. Do you really need instructions on how to play a video with VLC? Install VLC, then open VLC, and click File-Open, and open your video.

    It's not an issue. 3gp is a Quicktime codec, a very old one, so any standard Windows media players wont play it. Quicktime will, and VLC will since its an open source video player.
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  8. HandymanPM

    HandymanPM New Member

    I want to use movie maker to edit my videos taken on my HTC EVO 4G and upload them to YouTube.
    The Video is fine but no audio. What's the sense of having a movie editor if you cant have audio and I have a new laptop with windows 7 and can't do any editing with audio.

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