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  1. Bishop99

    Bishop99 Well-Known Member

    Hi. I'm considering upgrading to a Samsung GS4 and I mainly have questions about the video it's able to record. I've looked online but I've only seen that it can record at "1080p" and nothing else. I'm not looking to replace my HD Camcorder with the video recorder of the GS4, but I want to know that if I'm out with my phone and I decide to record a video with it, will it actually be good.

    My main questions are, at what bitrate does the Samsung Galaxy S4 record videos? I want to know how highly compressed the videos may be. The video files are saved as .m2ts files right? Lastly, does this truly record at 1080p? I've seen plenty of camcorders that say "1080p" on them, but that is actually the output signal, they only record at 1080i.

    Thanks. Just a few questions I have and I couldn't find anything about this on the reviews. Any input is appreciated.

  2. Bishop99

    Bishop99 Well-Known Member

    Easy way to find out this info just in case someone hasn't done so as they don't need the information. Just drag the video onto your computer, right click on the video and select properties, then click on details. That info should be right there and it will look like this.


  3. Bishop99

    Bishop99 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have this info?

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