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  1. deanpark

    deanpark Member

    Is there any way to pause the video recording function? I've looked all over the net and can't find an app or a reason why this feature seems to be missing from all Android phones.

    This is HD recording and could potentially replace low end video units. Seems like it should be unnecessary to use an external video editor to get a vacation video in one piece.

    Does anyone know a solution to this.

    Dean Park

  2. I havent seen one, and I know the stock app doesnt.

    No. While technically it is HD resolution, it is nowhere near decent HD quality. The videos use a really old codec that is hard to find an editor for, and the bitrate is horrible.
  3. talz13

    talz13 Well-Known Member

    Why do you need to "pause" the recording? Can't you just hit stop and then start recording when you need to again? The only reason I could see is if you want the clips to be part of the same video file while on the EVO, but that can be done easily enough on the PC if you're really into editing your videos.
  4. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns! VIP Member

    Sure, you can postprocess them together, but what a pain in the ass to have to open all those clips. It'd be much better if you can stop/start recording, and it appends to the existing video file until you specify you are done.

    Something like this could be a configurable setting: 1 file per start/stop, or append to file until app is closed.
  5. crispanddry

    crispanddry New Member

    I was able to pause video recording on my old Nokia E71, then restart the recording so as to compile a good video. It saved so me editing on my pc, I was able to produce a video and send or upload it straight from my phone with no fuss.
    So wish I could do the same on my HTC.

    Love to know of any application which will allow me to pause and resume video recording or even edit and stitch clips like you can with final cut or Power Director.
  6. androidmember

    androidmember New Member

    hi, I'm sorry talz13 but I hate it when u have a problem and people ask you why is there a problem, just give us a freaking solution, if there isn't then keep quiet.

    there are many people like this who bother me, cos they are totally unconstructive. If I was a mod I would delete the post so in the future, people would save a few seconds of their life from reading that...

    anyway sorry about rambling so much, I just want to bump this if there is any app or solution so far, its nov-11 already, come on developer create something already!

    p.s: dun worry, even if talz13 or anyone start arguing, I'll ignore. :)
  7. Bochase

    Bochase New Member

    Why should you have to use your comp ?
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  8. crispanddry

    crispanddry New Member

    I would still love to find an app which would enable me to pause video then resume recording.

    Once I have compiled bits of video as a single stream I would upload it & share it, like I use-to with my old Nokia E71.

    I would make the app myself if I knew how to and had the time.

    Also would love to have the freedom to adjust the sound recording quality.
    The sound quality on video recoded on my HTC is totally unacceptable.
  9. cre8nkhaos

    cre8nkhaos Member

    Great post. I too, have wondered so many times about a REC/PAUSE/RESUME feature. I've searched everywhere for a program to no avail. And also an app that allows me to record on my Galaxy Note for longer than the stock 60 mins. It really bothers me that this phone can do just about everything else, but record for longer time periods.

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  10. DroidBike

    DroidBike New Member

    There is a phone that i used to have that actually had the camera to record and then pause the recording then resume video recording. I was able to record videos and pause it then move somewhere else then resume the video and all without editing.

    the phone is called:Instinct HD

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