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  1. britbloke

    britbloke Well-Known Member

    Hey UK GW620 users! My wife has the Canadian version of the GW620 but it looks like LG Canada reduced the resolution of the video recorder function to 320 x 240.

    I've seen UK reviews of the InTouch Max (the GW620) and they mentioned it can do 720 x 480. Can anyone please confirm this? And if so, can you please tell me what software version (the LG software, not Android version, which should be 1.5 anyway) the phone is running?

    Cheers from a fellow Brit in Canada!

  2. bikbok

    bikbok Well-Known Member

    I bought the LG GW620 in Norway, and here max res is 320x240.
    Software: GW620-V10g
  3. britbloke

    britbloke Well-Known Member

    That's interesting. I'm trying to dig up more info on the UK TMobile version. I've managed to find a list of GW620 firmwares:

    • GW620
      • GW620-V10a-OCT-22-2009-VMF-FR-EUA-XX-DZ+5
      • GW620-V10c-DEC-01-2009-BYT-FR_DZ+2
      • GW620-V10c-NOV-25-2009-EUA-XX-DZ+0
      • GW620-V10c-NOV-25-2009-EUY-XX-DZ+0
      • GW620-V10e-DEC-12-2009-XXX-XX-DZ+0
      • GW620-V10e-DEC-14-2009-EUY-XX-DZ+0
      • GW620-V10h-OCT-28-2009-ORG-CH_DZ+5
      • GW620AT-00-V10b-204-XX-DEC-31-2009+0-DZ
      • GW620AT-00-V10b-216-XX-JAN-19-2010+0-DZ
      • GW620AT-00-V10b-222-XX-JAN-28-2010+0-DZ
      • GW620AT-00-V10c-CIS-XX-FEB-13-2010+0
      • GW620AT-00-V10d-206-XX-JAN-08-2010+0-DZ
      • GW620AT-00-V10e-262-02-NOV-02-2009-VDF-DE+5-DZ
      • GW620AT-00-V10f-XXX-XX-DEC-15-2009_DZ+0
      • GW620AT-00-V10g-AFR-XX-JAN-07-2010+0-DZ
      • GW620AT-00-V10g-ESA-XX-JAN-06-2010+0-DZ
      • GW620AT-00-V10g-EUY-XX-DEC-30-2009+0
      • GW620AT-01-V10b-208-20-OCT-28-2009+5-DZ
      • GW620AT-01-V10b-234-30-DEC-24-2009+0
      • GW620AT-01-V10c-208-10-JAN-13-2010+1-DZ
      • GW620AT-01-V10e-208-20-JAN-26-2010-BYT-FR+0-DZ
      • GW620AT-01-V10h-226-10-JAN-06-2010+0-DZ
      • GW620AT-01-V10j-214-03-DEC-08-2009+2-DZ
      • GW620AT-01-V10k-208-01-JAN-19-2010-ORG-FR+0-DZ
      • GW620AT-01-V10m-214-03-Feb-01-2010+0-DZ
      • GW620AT-02-V10b-234-30-VUK-DEC-30-2009+0
    • GW620F
      • GW620FAT-00-V10a-VIVO-BR-JAN-15-2010+1
      • GW620FAT-00-V10b-724-02-NOV-23-2009+0-DZ
    • GW620R
      • GW620R-V10f-JAN-18-2010-RGS-CA_DZ+0
    I have the latest LG Canada (Rogers) update, V10f and was hoping it might add support for 720 x 480 video, but no joy.

    I'm wondering if flashing to a UK firmware would enable it?

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