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  1. connexion2005

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    This thread will serve as the OFFICIAL thread for all of my How-To tutorials for everything CAPTIVATE. Keep an eye out as I'm developing new videos on a daily basis. This will just be known as the central repository for all video tutorial links. Please post requests you'd like to see as well and if I'm capable, I'll create them.

    SIDE NOTE: There are many different ways and methods to do a number of the steps in my videos. I know this. I am illustrating what I feel is the easiest and most simplistic way to perform the steps to achieve the goal at hand. Constructive criticism is appreciated but remember, the target audience is a user who has no clue about how to complete the solution. Filler is included along with detailed info about steps to educate the user as well as instruct he or she.

    Please consider donating as all of my work is non-profit and I do it for XDA and Android enthusiasts alike. I would have greatly appreciated these videos when I was a newbie and I'm sure you will to. Donation link is in the bottom of this post ;).



    ROM and Firmware Based Videos
    Samsung Captivate (Official 2.2 Froyo Firmware Tutorial)

    Galaxy S ODIN Tutorial

    Samsung Captivate IMEI Restore Methods

    Samsung Captivate (3 Button MOD for Download Mode)

    Galaxy S Kernel Flashing (How-To Flash, Backup and RESTORE)

    How to UN-Brick ANY Samsung Captivate (USB JiG Method)

    PART 1 - http://youtu.be/MsafJ-9uRqk
    PART 2 - http://youtu.be/iN5E00jXY_U
    PART 3 - http://youtu.be/M9GUH5bUYZc

    How to use ODIN 1 CLICK DOWNLOAD to flash STOCK Firmware

    How to enter RECOVERY AND DOWNLOAD Mode

    Applications and More
    Samsung Captivate (i9000 ROM Capacitive Key Lightup MOD)

    ANDROID Media Scanning (How-To Enable & Disable)

    Captivate Auto-Shutdown DEATH Solution Fix

    Android Gingerbread Theme (How-To)

    One Click Application Uninstall

    How-To Sideload Any Applications to Your ANDROID Phone using ADB

    How-To Change Android Boot Animation (For Custom ROMS)

    How-To Install Android System APK's

    Android Lock Screen Swap (How-To)

    Android LCD Density (How-To Change)

    Using SDK Tools
    Android SDK Tools (How-To Install)

    ROOTING 101
    How To Root Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S 2.1 Android)

    How To Root Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S 2.2 Android)

    Samsung Galaxy S (How to ROOT 2.2 ANDROID Froyo) *Newer Method*

    Remote Control for ANDROID
    Control Android From Computer PC (How to use Screencast)

    Software and System Backup
    Titanium Backup for Android (How to backup and restore applications)

    Backup SMS Text Messages on Android (How-to)

    Networking and VPN
    Samsung Captivate (How-To Tether For FREE)

    3G/2G Toggle Command for Captivate

    Samsung KIES Tethering How-To

    Samsung Captivate *ANDROID* IPSec VPN How To (Part 1)

    Samsung Captivate *ANDROID* IPSec VPN How To (Part 2)

    Mobile Application Reviews
    Android 2.3 Gingerbread on Samsung Captivate

    Captivate ROM Reviews
    Design Gears - Cognition 4.0 *February 25th 2011*
    MikeyMike01/ChanceM - Serendipity 5.9 *February 19th 2011*
    eSPyeL - Paragon RC 5.0 *February 6th 2011*
    di11igaf - di11i's v5.4 Stripped *February 1st 2011*
    icezar1 - Cezar's ROM Continuum 2.0 *January 29th 2011*
    Team Komin - ANDROMEDA 2.0 *January 25th 2011*
    adamholden85 - FireFly 1.5 *January 22nd 2011*
    yttr3 - Darky's ROM 8.1 *January 20th 2011*
    MikeyMike01 - Serendipity 3/3.5 *January 15th 2011*
    Design Gears - Cognition V3.01 *January 14th 2011*
    adamholden85 - Phoenix Rising 3.0 *January 11th 2011*
    Design Gears - Perception 10 *January 4th 2011*

    Hardware Specific Reviews & Tutorials
    Samsung Captivate (RMA Unboxing)

    Inside Look of Disassembled Samsung Captivate

    DONATION LINK!!! http://forum.xda-developers.com/donatetome.php?u=1602851
    DONATION APPRECIATION! I would like to thank everyone for their donations...

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    ~Reaper~ Well-Known Member

    thanks man
  3. james27007

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    Added to the sticky page
  4. Tennis

    Tennis Well-Known Member

    Why won't Odin3 show the yellow box when I go into download mode?
  5. mabovalu

    mabovalu Member

    Thank you. These are some of the best videos I've found re: Captivate. Well done.
  6. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    Recovery/Download Mode video added!
  7. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

  8. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    Categories added and thread restructured. Link to website added for Google Checkout and/or Paypal donation options.

    2 Videos Added:

    Android 2.3 Gingerbread on Samsung Captivate & Android LCD Density (How-To Change)
  9. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    Any shot at getting this stickied?
  10. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Just some feedback: not really accurate to refer to what you're doing in that video as going to "high resolution" or increasing the resolution. That's really misleading and is going to confuse users (not to mention that it corrupts the true definition of the term which is frustrating to us IT support people... like users who call their hard drive "RAM"). The resolution doesn't change. You're just zooming out.
  11. outdoorsmn660

    outdoorsmn660 New Member

    Thanks a lot! This will definitely help all of the people like me who learn better when they see it done, and not just by reading about it.
  12. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    I responded to this on the YouTube comments. I made attempts to say look and feel after anytime I said resolution. I realize a couple of times I said it was the definition or high resolution. I was merely trying to simplify the words I was using and threw that in on the fly. I understand what is going on in reality. Thanks for your info though... :). I see by your sig you are quite the grammar/technical writing/speaking nazi... :).

    FWIW I'm a Systems Administrator for a local company in Central Texas and I too have pet peeves for people incorrectly defining things. Just last week I had an employee send a COMPANY WIDE email recommending users upgrade an entire service pack for a certain symptom. The symptom? If your computer is running slow. Every non-it person thinks their pc is slow. Needless to say, it was very frustrating. The user was told to never send employee wide emails regarding his tech tips again.
  13. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    Added Samsung KIES video and Sideloading using ADB video!
  14. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    2 more videos added for 2g/3g toggling and uninstalling apps with one button...

  15. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    New category added for Hardware Specific Videos. SAMSUNG INTERNAL VIDEO TOUR now added at the bottom of the original post so check it out! More videos uploaded almost daily so keep an eye out!
  16. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    USB Jig video added to original post under ROM and Firmware video category. Check it out there! Or here! http://youtu.be/Rdn5GoRjhn0
  17. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    Added HOW-TO theme your Captivate to look like GINGERBREAD in the first link under APPLICATIONS AND MORE. Check it out there! Or here! http://youtu.be/6n8aySig6SY
  18. nicracine

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    Seriously, why is this not a sticky post yet?
  19. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    AMEN. A sticky would be much appreciated guys. I update this thing daily and I'm working toward a MEGA-thread.

    Earlier up a mod said he did but it doesn't appear to be one.
  20. Kelmar

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  21. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    Captivate AUTO-off Charging Death FIX (one of the many ways to prevent it) video added using SETCpu...Check it out under applications and more...or here!

  22. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    Added Weekly ROM Review (ROM of the WEEK) category and Perception 10 review! Check it out under ROM Reviews category...or here! http://youtu.be/odg5r2JdYAQ
  23. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    Kernel info video detailing how to backup, restore and flash kernels coming tonight... :)
  24. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    How to backup/flash/restore kernels on Galaxy S using SGS Kernel Flasher video added under ROM/Firmware category. Check it out there! Or here: http://youtu.be/V1s3TQ3rL-U
  25. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    How to disable/enable MEDIA SCANNING added to the channel. I'll be editing my threads momentarily so check it out here in the meantime!


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