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  1. J3D1

    J3D1 Member

    When I take a video and try to email it it does not work. No attachment at all, just a blank email. I have confirmed this by trying to email myself a video.

    My youtube app seems to be glitchy. When I try to log in it says "failed to retrieve account information" and freezes for about a minute.

    And, obviously, I am unable to share/upload directly to youtube when I take a video.


  2. J3D1

    J3D1 Member

    No one has experienced this glitch?
  3. J3D1

    J3D1 Member

    Well, after my update to 2.2 I am able to login to my youtube account in the app.

    I am also now able to share my videos via youtube, but it always takes at least 10 tries before the upload is successful.

    Still can't email videos though.
  4. mobileapps

    mobileapps Member

    @J3D1 It might be a problem with your application that you are using in your phone... Try some other application to sort out this problem as well... :)

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