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  1. ipmanwck

    ipmanwck Member

    Hi Guys,

    Coming from an iphone 3gs when i recorded a video clip I could send it via gmail and if it were too long it gave an option to trim then I could send it no problems.

    I have tried to email various clips of both low/high quality from my nexus and it always says "file to large to send" even if its only 10 seconds long it still wont send !!!!!!!!!!

    someone recommended sendit on android market but all i want is send short clips over email. It would appear the S2 has the same problem.

    Anyone with a solution to this ??

  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Welcome to the AndroidForums, ipmanwck :).

    I've moved your thread back to the main Galaxy Nexus forum from the all-things-root area since you'll get more eyes on your question and hopefully more responses.

    I know Gmail used to have a 10MB limit, but I thought that it was bumped-up a little while back to 20MB... Can you tell the size of the video file that is being created?

    Cheers and hopefully someone else will chime-in, too!
  3. ipmanwck

    ipmanwck Member

    12.22mb only a 20 second clip filmed using the 5mb camera. It would appear the galaxy s2 has the same issue any ideas ?
  4. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    SOmetimes the carrier limits what you can send.
  5. smashcz

    smashcz Member

    Yea I didnt like that either when I first went to android, android just doesnt resize the video before sending, nothing you can do, unless u can find some app and resize first, then send it.
  6. Androidcurious

    Androidcurious Well-Known Member

    I don't think this is a carrier limitation. I've had this problem with a couple of different Android handsets across different carriers. Most recently with the ET4G I've found that if I lower video resolution to 720 it usually sends.

    It's a little frustrating. Never had any issues sending long clips with the iPhone, and I've had that device with both ATT and VZW.
  7. ipmanwck

    ipmanwck Member

    Thanks for your replies. To be honest thats pretty sh&t really ! How can samsung /android who are meant to be the competitor to iphone / apple have overlooked this ?
    I cant send a video clip via email. What a joke. How can technology be going backwards !
    I have managed to send a 10 second clip filmed in 720p to my iphone and it came through as 15mb - jesus ! But 10 seconds is not long enough. Want at least 1 minute. Surely thats not too much to ask is it.
    Any ideas guys ? Is there an app to compress clips , is this all android phones or just samsung, does the s2 do the same ? Please let me know.
    I have tried android sendit but it is really awful and slow.
  8. smashcz

    smashcz Member

    Yes it's android, all the phones.
  9. ipmanwck

    ipmanwck Member

    Bummer ! How about the windows phones do they have this issue ?
  10. donnyb

    donnyb Well-Known Member

    Try using to dropbox and email a link.
  11. ipmanwck

    ipmanwck Member

    That is a long way around !! Any way of just sending video direct ? An app maybe. How can this be overlooked ?

    Thanks for all your help guys.

    Do the windows phones have the same issues anyone ?
  12. rhietpas

    rhietpas Well-Known Member

    Dropbox, I found, was almost as easy as emailing the video. Simply take the video, share it dropbox (super easy). Long press the video while IN drop box and select email link, there ya go! Shouldn't be any limit on video size besides dropbox storage...
  13. Auzo

    Auzo Active Member

    With the tight YouTube integration that Android has, why not just upload it to YouTube and share it that way? Also if you use google+ you can enable instant upload and your pics and movies will automatically get uploaded to your account (and set as private) so you would have one less step when you want to share.

    Gmail has a 25MB attachment limit. with an HD video with a bit-rate around 15Mbps, you will get around 13.3 seconds worth of video before you hit that cap.
  14. GlockGuy80

    GlockGuy80 Well-Known Member

    On my Droid Incredible I have a weird issue. If I take the video from the MMS app, it auto compresses it and is able to send. If i take it from the camera/video app, and take the same length video, and then try to send that video through MMS, it says it's too big.

    I know we are not talking about MMS, but e-mail, I just thought it may be similar.
  15. ipmanwck

    ipmanwck Member

    Thanks for all the replies .

    I have considered you tube but didnt know about google + how can i use it ?

    Having just come from 3gs i could send a HD video by email from my handset and then the person recieving it could save it on their phone. How can ios do this but the new ics cant ? Seems very odd ?

    I am in a 2 year contract now so i am just hoping the experience will improve ?
  16. ipmanwck

    ipmanwck Member

    Regarding mms i also saw that option. To send video by mms you have to click settings then the mms button and i guess it compresses it. Why have the not done this option for gmail ? Also i have found android does not compress the video so cant send anything really. Must say a little dissapointed. Considereing windows phones today but tge handsets are a little dated. Sorry for any mistakes vut android will not not follow the cursor so when i type i cant see the twxt ? Crazy ?

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