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Video Tutorial How to install Samsung Moment USB Drivers Windows 7 FlawlesslyTips

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  1. Tecnica

    Tecnica Member

    I created a video on how to install the Samsung Moment USB drivers on any Windows 7 platform 32bit & 64bit flawlessly.I created this video tutorial to aid those having such difficulty installing the usb drivers I hope this helps you out. This video will teach you with confidence how to successfully get the drivers installed.
    Enjoy comments are welcome!

    The new updated video is up
    Youtube Location 1

    & @ full resolution
    Location 2

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  2. njbianco

    njbianco Well-Known Member

    for me installing the drivers on windows 7 64bit and installing the drivers on windows xp was not any different.
  3. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, the video was a little fast but still helpful. Also, how were you able to use your phone on your pc like that? I've been looking for a way to do that. (I saw you were using the mouse to check and uncheck debug)
  4. Tecnica

    Tecnica Member

    This is for people who do not know how or can't get it to work but since you know how to I suppose this video serves no purpose to you.
  5. Tecnica

    Tecnica Member

    You can pause at anytime that's the beauty of it, two parts to your question
    screenshots are captured with the SDK installed that means you would've done all the steps to installing the usb drivers and installed java and then the SDK itself.

    Next the portions you see of where I am clicking on the screen well I am but it's not a real phone it's an emulated phone via the SDK you can simulate a real working model.

    Read up instructions on how to use the sdk and you will see.
  6. Chicago77

    Chicago77 Member

    AWESOME & THANK YOU...this was the last piece of the puzzle for me.

    I'm rooted, running 2.1/dd10 and I'm off to Ebay to price microSD cards so I can ditch my iPod for good and quit carrying more than one device.
  7. chibucks

    chibucks Well-Known Member

    nice job! i'm sure this will help those who can't get their drivers working (one of the most common issues most people are having). great animation too!
  8. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    ha! im working on a few vids on how to get rooted and such. op, what are you using? im working on premiere cs4...

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  9. Tecnica

    Tecnica Member

    Camtasia Studio 6, SDK, Photoshop cs4, that's all
    In camtasia you can do titles,pan and zoom, tilt the screen, edit audio tracks etc.. I was going to create another about rooting and loading 2.1 but I don't really have the time to do it presently your lucky you got this video LOL.

    I am glad it helps out.
  10. Tecnica

    Tecnica Member

    I am surprised that this has not been made a sticky when it's one of the most common question asked pertaining to this phone.
  11. chibucks

    chibucks Well-Known Member


    But then again, the mods are all in the Hero and Droid forums. :p

    (Playful swipe at the mods. ;) )
  12. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    Maybe we should have a moment phone guide ;)
  13. droid-bob

    droid-bob New Member

    After I extract the zip file for the usb drivers, I then click on the setup.exe and I get a "SAMSUNG Android USB Modem Software was not installed successfully" error. I am running windows 7. Any thoughts on what is causing this? Thanks!
  14. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    That's happened to me as well on a win7 system. Not sure whats causing it. =/ All I can say is uninstall/reinstall.
  15. Tecnica

    Tecnica Member

    Guys at 4:30 min on the video the exact thing you are speaking of is clearly illustrated with instructions telling you this is normal follow along the video guide and you will get it working. I mean it's clearly their unless you weren't paying attention pause it if you have to.

    If you get the error during the setup.exe then clearly you have left your phone plugged into the usb which you are not supposed to until told so. but either way if you do the steps it will work I have tested this method over 23 times now and if you look at the youtube numbers 461 views on on various android forums many people have had success after following this video I made.
  16. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    I know how to install drivers on a pc. Seriously.
  17. onedeep

    onedeep New Member

    Actually, this does not work for me. I get the same error as droid-bob. And no, this is not the same thing that is happening in the video.

    The video gets the driver error when the phone is plugged in. I get mine during the first driver install. I end up with a "Base System Device" that is not functioning properly.
  18. jvrobert

    jvrobert Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm very irritated with Samsung (and to some degree Google) with how ******edly difficult this is. Why are there like 5 different drivers and like 4 different versions of each, wierdo installers that sometimes can't uninstall, all this garbage. It's just silly and stupid.

    There should be one simple "Android-drivers.exe" installer, works for all phones. Barring that, each vendor should have one well designed installer that removes (correctly) all old drivers and correctly installs new one.
  19. HydroHairdo

    HydroHairdo New Member

    One thing I'll add if anyone else runs across this. I had run the samsung installer previous to seeing this video and was able to flash and root my phone. Everything seemed to be working (meaning I had access to my phone and could use the samsung updater just fine) but modem and adb? (I think its called that) were not recognized in device manager for me (I did not have any devices "not working properly" in the menu, they just weren't there at all).

    So, I followed the instructions in the video, but when it came to connecting the phone, it would be recognized and fail to give me an "unknown device" option in device manager to allow me to manually install the drivers. What I did was disconnect the phone while the computer was establishing the connection and this caused "device not installed properly" error from which I could proceed with manual installation. After the first one, modem and adb then showed up and I was able to finish the installation process as per the video.

    I suppose I could have just hit update driver in device manager and tried it that way, but as usual, it didn't occur to me until after I came out of WTF mode and everything was installed.

    Excellent video friend. I never would have guessed the drivers were not loaded properly without seeing this. Glad I checked it out..
  20. aquarianguy

    aquarianguy New Member

    Hey Tecnica, thanks for the awesome video. It worked for me one week ago, (late "THANK YOU!") But today, while tethered, I bought the upgrade which allowed me to access https instantly. Then I shut shut down my computer and forgot to stop pdanet beforehand, (don't know if that hurt), but now my computer doesn't recognize my Moment at all, and acts as if the driver is completely gone in Device Manager.

    This laptop has been the toughest to install pdanet on and get it to work.

    Can you please upload your video again? I'm going to have to go through the same process your video teaches.

    Your technique is the only one that has gotten this laptop to work!
  21. Tecnica

    Tecnica Member

  22. Tecnica

    Tecnica Member

    Mods any chance this can be made as a stick here>? With so many people asking the same question daily on how to connect adb drivers windows 7
  23. nismospec

    nismospec Well-Known Member

    well i was able to update without having to view the video, but the installation of 2.1 live wallpapers seems a little more challenging.

    can someone make a similar video for how to install live wallpapers "after" you've done the official update?
  24. bigphil007

    bigphil007 New Member

    i've tried all those methods and my computer still doesn't recognize my phone. I've tried reinstalling the drivers countless times and also the New Pc Studio. Is there something im missing?
  25. glosol

    glosol New Member

    What if I am unable to get into the phone menu settings? I am the victim of your typical scenario... my daughter failed the pass stroke deal so she accidentally got it locked out. Can this be performed in another way, or am i screwed?

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