Video tutorial on Installing Clockworkmod Recovery

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  1. jae480

    jae480 Active Member

    Hey everyone I have created a quick video tutorial on how you can install Clockworkmod Recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S2, Epic 4G Touch. If you have any questions or comments feel free to respond to this thread. :) Also, if you guys have any constructive criticism feel free to express yourself, I want to create better video tutorials and would love your input.

    Thanks and like I said if you have any questions at all ask on this thread. :)

    How to install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy ll, Epic 4G Touch - YouTube

  2. Ronny71

    Ronny71 Well-Known Member

    That is just how its done...Does QBKing77 Ring a Bell ???... :confused:
  3. arnoldward929

    arnoldward929 Member

    Thanks for this video. Really helpful video.

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