[Video Tutorial] Remote Connect to Computer with Android Device

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  1. jburt

    jburt Well-Known Member

    Hello all,

    My latest video is showing you all how to remotely connect to your computer with your Android phone or device. I walk you through all of the settings that need to be configured and even do a mini demo connected to my laptop. I was shocked how smooth everything worked! I believe in showing viewers exact steps instead of having viewers "take my word on a step and skip ahead."

    Without further adieu I present you....


    Troubleshooting: If you cannot connect to your computer using a different network: You may have to disable any firewalls you have on your computer or go into each firewall and make sure Remote Desktop is allowed. I personally had an AVG Firewall that was preventing me from being able to remote into my computer using different networks.

  2. jburt

    jburt Well-Known Member

    Seems like everyone is getting it...Sweet :)

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