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  1. asadullah

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    I'm making a dedicated video tutorial section if you got a video post it in this section. If it's good (good defined by at least five thanks) I'll add it to the second post with the other videos. Please don't put ads in your shit. I'm not gonna put them in the ones that I post this is strictly to help the community.
    The videos I post are in the process of being redone and made more elaborate until recently I had really bad sound on them so I'm trying to redo them.

    All you people that wanna make roms here you go :D

  2. asadullah

    asadullah Well-Known Member

    1 How to turn a system image into rom here
    2 how to set up windows for an lg device part one here
    3 How to set up windows for an lg device part two here
    4 How to flash a rom here
    5 How to make a bootanimation here
    6 How to sign an aka rom in windows here
    7 How to sign an aka rom in ubuntu here
    8 How to install android sdk in ubuntu here
    9 How to theme part one
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