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  1. curtst

    curtst Active Member

    Just got my Nexus S today. Loving it so far but I can't find the Video player app. Does it come with one? Where is the icon for it? If not anyone recommend a good player? I was thinking DoubleTwist, but I don't do a whole lot of syncing. I already have the program installed on my PC.

    Another question I had is about the camera. I know the one on the phone doesn't have zoom, not sure if I ever used the zoom on my last phone but does anyone like some other camera app (free) over the standard?

    Thanks for the help all!

    Oh, and for video conversion. I typically use Super C, what are some good settings for that for this awesome phone?

  2. there is two way playing video: video filmed by your camera or video imported

    flimed will be in camera folders of gallery and imported : must be a compatible video stock player, you need to shoot it to your sd card (if you want to see it as ex. Video folder , then create a video folder in the sd and it will show up in gallery under video) (.3gp or .mp4)

    the camera has no zoom.. and yes apps can do it, just search market to find out pretty sure there is some!
  3. Martin J

    Martin J Active Member

    There's no point using an app to zoom the camera, all that happens is that they upscale a portion of the image (aka a digital zoom), the lens itself does not have an optical zoom.

    You're far better off taking an image as normal and using photo manipulation software - Photoshop etc - to crop and zoom.
  4. quantumrand

    quantumrand Well-Known Member

    A digital zoom is useful for video though.
  5. Martin J

    Martin J Active Member

    More useful, but it's still best done in post, where you can pan the zoom too. The only advantage of a digital zoom is for sending quick MMS messages where quality doesn't matter.

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