Videos being deleted when sharing to Facebook

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  1. Musiqman

    Musiqman New Member

    Hi folks... was hoping to get some help with this issue.

    This is my problem....
    I have noticed lately that when I record a video and then share it to Facebook, somehow when I go back to my video library, the video appears to have been deleted. This is happening ONLY with videos I share to Facebook.

    Not sure what's going on but it's very annoying since it would "appear" that if I share a video to Facebook, I lose it from my phone. :confused:

    I have checked for the missing video(s) using the stock media viewer and the QuickPic app but the video(s) I shared are no longer on my phone.

    Does anyone know why this is happening??? Many thanks in advanced!

    HTC Thunderbolt
    Android version 2.3.4

  2. redboots

    redboots New Member

    I've been having the same exact problem.

    Was hoping when I found this thread, there would be an answer . . . no such luck, I guess.

    I am uploading from a Samsung Admire, MetroPCS service, Android version 2.3.4
  3. Downing86

    Downing86 New Member

    Ugh, same situation as redboots here. :(

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