Video's on Huawei M835Tips

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  1. dm362

    dm362 Member

    I just put a number of video's on my phone , one of my grand daughter , my son when he was in the military and a Martina Mcbride youtube video . I usd a free video converter software - Any video converter . Set it up for resolution 320x240 mpeg4 format and I have to say these video's came out really nice !

  2. Dvncn

    Dvncn Active Member

    Thanks for the tip. I tried putting videos on my phone before, but without success.
  3. dm362

    dm362 Member

    May I ask what video player your using ? I'm using Mobo player free download from google play . When I installed the video player it also downloaded some codacs with it . So if you have any problems go grab mobo player .
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  4. scififan1234

    scififan1234 New Member

    VLC Direct Pro ROCKS :thrasher: It lets you stream content straight from your computer running VLC. Heres an example:
    1. Open up VLC your computer. (free from cnet)
    2. Go to View, Add interface, Web interface
    3. Run VLC Direct Pro (Free from market)
    4. Under target (top left) select android, click the computer monitor icon
    5. Browse to the video file location (little white icon)
    6. ZOMFG! I'm watching movies on my phone! (and I don't have to buy a bigger microSD):D

    I've watched movies with no probs, and it's kinda cool to use my phone as my remote control for my computer playback. :thumb:

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