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  1. joshdurst

    joshdurst New Member

    I've been playing around with some videos I have taken with my HTC mytouch 4g (T-Mobile) and trying to upload them to facebook. When I go to gallery and share this to facebook, it starts the process of uploading the video to facebook. However, the upload always fails. Am I missing something? Should I use a different app?

  2. Incaorchid

    Incaorchid Member

    I have noticed that the larger/hd videos take a long time to upload and eventually end up failing.
    If I have a large/hd video to upload I either connect to wifi or use my computer to upload those bigger videos.
    Short or lower resolution videos load fine otherwise just using the phone.

    Are your videos taken in 720(hd) or are they long videos?
  3. Jordan300

    Jordan300 Member

    This same issue happened to me. And Incaorchid is right, I tried a couple smaller videos and they uploaded fine. It also worked much much better when I was at home on the wifi.
  4. revs1227

    revs1227 Well-Known Member

    im pretty sure you cant upload 720p vids on facebook
    try changing the resolution (menu>video quality>online

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