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  1. Conor Calby

    Conor Calby Member


    I have a san francisco from Orange and recently started having a problem.

    There is around 5 out of 104(approx) that won't play. I try in the factory setting player (green iconed one) and it says "Sorry. Can't play video". Whereas on my laptop it works fine. Its in .mp4 format, no other periods in the title that would confuse it. No brackets in them. Just the artist name, and song name.

    In the MoBoPlayer, It says "Can't read file" or something similar.

    As I said, its just a few, but they were downloaded the EXACT same was as the other hundred.


  2. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    Most likely they were encoded with different parameters.
    A PC can handle decoding videos much easier than a phone.
    You can use a conversion tool like Handbrake to convert them again. Pay special attention to the video resolution and codec used.
  3. Conor Calby

    Conor Calby Member

    Thanks, I will do.

    It seems though now my .mp3's won't play either... Says "Sorry the player doesn't support this type of audio", but its an mp3 so it should, and has in the past.
  4. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    Try switching the phone, pull the battery, wait for a few seconds then reboot.
    Mp3s are something any Android phone should be able to play.
  5. Conor Calby

    Conor Calby Member

    I tried all this and their is still the same videos that can't play. Trying with other players brings up messages such as "Can't open /sdcard.....filename.mp4 to play".

    I have created another folder called "tkd" inside of my "Music" folder (thats where all my videos go) and I added around 10 videos VIA my computer and when I unmount it, all the videos in that tkd folder disappear. I am thinking of formatting the card (again) and taking the phone back to factory settings.

  6. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    Strange. If you are doing it correctly (connect the phone to PC and select Disk Mode, copy paste files using File Explorer, Safely remove USB storage device and wait for 10 seconds for the phone to refresh the card info), then your files should be on the card.
  7. Conor Calby

    Conor Calby Member

    I thank you for your help, my profession is in the ICT industry but I have never used Android before.

    I have Astro installed on my phone (Orange San Francisco BTW) and it just won't work... I am going to write down all the apps I have, etc and factory reset the phone, format the card, and re-add everything...
  8. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    There is also the chance that some of the videos cannot be played on your phone, because they are too complex to decode. To make sure this is not the case, you can try this:
    1) Make sure you can play the videos on PC
    2) Convert them to something easy for the phone to play. As mentioned above, Handbrake can do this easily.

    If the videos are OK, then the next problem can be checked with the phone and the SD card.
  9. Well, I just find a video with MP4 format and H.264 code, 1280*720 resolution, but my Incredible S can not play it... I totally don't know why!
  10. Do you know what format is supported for your android.
  11. Z3US

    Z3US Well-Known Member

  12. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    In addition to these parameters, there are more variables in the encoding process that can make the video too complex for a phone to play. If you can play the video on PC, then just post here the text results from MediaInfo application, so that we can see the details of what's wrong with it.

    By default, H264 baseline encoded videos with MP4 file extension and with a resolution not higher than 720p should be playable by default.

    Yep. Such universal players should take care of the playback of different videos.
  13. Conor Calby

    Conor Calby Member

    I did try "MoboPlayer" and "Rockplayer" I think it was called. Both wouldn't play.. Said they couldn't read the mp4.

    I haven't found the fix yet, its still happening for now though, I am using FreeDI to download my videos from YouTube to my phone.
  14. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    The "fix" I'd recommend for your phone would be to convert the videos that you can't play. If the videos are a bit complex for your phone (which has a weak CPU), then you need to simplify those videos.
  15. Conor Calby

    Conor Calby Member

    Not to bump an old thread of mine; but its still happening...

    I am trying to add 13 songs that I downloaded from frostwire to my Android ZTE Blade. It transfers the files, but when I try and play them on my phone, it says it does support the audio type. its .mp3 and when I reboot my phone, the files are deleted of my phone.. BY THEMSELVES. Any reason? :S
  16. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    Something is wrong with your phone if the files are deleted from SD card when the phone is rebooted.

    I suggest you ask this question in ZTE Blade forum section.

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