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  1. daveredfern

    daveredfern New Member

    Hello all,

    I am looking for an app so I can see my phone on my desktop. Similar to remote desktop but for my phone.

    I have searched everywhere and found nothing.

    Not sure if this is required but I have a htc hero running android 1.5 with sense.



  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    I believe their was an app like this in Development I think it was called "VNC player" or something but nothing as of yet to my Knowledge :)
  3. daveredfern

    daveredfern New Member

    thanks for the reply. VNC seem to all work one way but not the other which is a real shame :(
  4. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Oh you mean you want to use your desktop on your phone , Not your phone on your desktop? :)

    If so , try "PhoneMyPc" off the Android market. It's $9.99 though and I haven't tried it myself so I don't know if this is any good
  5. daveredfern

    daveredfern New Member

    I seem to be confusing myself neverlone you :p

    I want my phone screen to be on my desktop. I found androidscreencast - Project Hosting on Google Code which i might give a go tonight even tho it seems a bit hacky.
  6. Dioshy

    Dioshy New Member

    Hi dude.

    I have been looking for such an application too. I was a PocketPC user and I used to use SOTI Pocket Controller (SOTI - Pocket Controller-Pro - Productivity, Presentations & Training) to do what we are looking for in Android. But as you, I have not found a single app that can do this... :(

    Did you try androidscreencast? Do you have any feedback?
  7. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    Pocket Controller was a great app. It allowed you to save screen shots to the PC and made it real easy to organize stuff in Windows Mobile. I don't miss my Treo but I do miss this app :mad:
  8. Dioshy

    Dioshy New Member

    Hey guys!

    The app is called Android VNC Server (Android VNC Server 0.2 | xda-developers) and it's FREE. With that application installed on your ROOTED Android device you can use any VNC client on your PC/Mac/Linux (like Real VNC [http://www.realvnc.com/products/free/4.1/download.html]) to connect from your computer to your phone. The single drawback right now is that you can just manage the screen. If you need to use the back, home, menu, or search button functionalities you would still need to use the real buttons on your phone.

    There is another application called Webkey, which can be found in the Android Market. Again, you need a ROOTED phone in order to use it. That will give you all functionalities over your preferred web browser. The single drawback is limitations on the refresh rate. You will not have a real-time image, but the delay is not that bad (like 2 secs).

    I hope that this helps. :D
  9. Sticks

    Sticks Well-Known Member

    I am looking for the same.

    I would like to find an app that will allow wysiwyg operation of the phone from a PC...without rooting the phone.

    Making changes to contacts and file organization is easier to do on a PC than 1-2 finger typing and trying to navigate the phones menus.
  10. omohtaseb

    omohtaseb New Member

    Yes, I'm using this SOTI since long time...and I want to buy Samsung Galaxy operated with Anroid sys....but I need the same Pocket controller that can be installed in my PC....Do you have a program that can be compatible with Anroid?
  11. omohtaseb

    omohtaseb New Member

    Yes, I'm using this SOTI since long time...and I want to buy Samsung Galaxy operated with Anroid sys....but I need the same Pocket controller that can be installed in my PC....Do you have a program that can be compatible with Anroid?
  12. omohtaseb

    omohtaseb New Member

    Even I want to buy HTC Desire HD with Anroid 2.2 ...it looks like that i will not be able to get it if i do not have pocket controller like in window mobiles....do you have options pls.?>
  13. cubewalker

    cubewalker Well-Known Member

    This function is cool. But what is the use to remote control a phone in desktop? Cannot think of its usage
  14. omohtaseb

    omohtaseb New Member

    it is very useful as if you want to copy a msg from your pc to yr phone....or if you want to type a text msg very fast....Also, you have a file manager which can get all your files from yr phone very essay
  15. Sticks

    Sticks Well-Known Member

    Adding full contact info - addresses, and other pertinent info. I'd rather type on my PC @ 80 wpm than the 2 finger method @ significantly less, and make constant error corrections since I am not a texting fiend.

    There are a myriad of programs available to control your computer from your phone, but not the reverse. I'd ask the same questions of those.
  16. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    SMS2PC will do the texting bit for you, good app.
  17. Sticks

    Sticks Well-Known Member

    It's not just the texting, it is wanting full control of the phone from a PC.
  18. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    Have you looked at 'MyPhoneExplorer'? See ... FJ Software Development ... I use it mainly for syncing between Outlook contacts and calendar and my Desire HD. But just checked and you can text from the app (on your desktop) as well. Plus mess around with the files as much as you like (subject to the limitations of a non-rooted phone - you'd have to check what else you can access with it rooted).

  19. daxrunner

    daxrunner New Member

    Soti has just released an announcement about their Mobi line about to support Android, hopefully Pocket Controller isn't far behind!
  20. glennjh66

    glennjh66 New Member

    All these years later and Im still looking for a SOTI compatible product for Android. They still have "coming soon" on their website.

    Just for those who dont know SOTI, it emulates your phone screen onto your PC screen. Its great for presentations etc.

    There is a emulator in the SDK, but from what I can gather it just emulates an Android device on your PC, and not your connected phone. If someone can clarify that for you that would be appreciated.

    Anyone know of a product that can help here?

    Thanks in advance
  21. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    BlueStacks App Player lets you run apps from your phone fast and fullscreen on Windows and Mac.

    I’ve never tried it but have heard glowing remarks.

    edit: I just tried installing it on my PC but it said it required 2GB memory, gagged and quit.

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