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  1. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    What is the best way to store and view files that are in Adobe PDF format? I downloaded several to my SD Card along with some Word and Excel files. I can get the MS files using Polaris but how do I bring up the PDF stuff. I have Adobe reader installed but can't figure out how to bring it to the desk top.

  2. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    How to bring what, the adobe reader app or the files? Once you have Adobe Reader opened, it should let you open a file from the menu button.
  3. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Start Adobe Reader and it will show all PDF files on your SD card :)

  4. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    I am having problems seeing Adobe Reader. I don't have Adobe Reader listed in my apps or widgets. I see it in the manage apps but that's all. The only way I can find it is if I do a search using task manager.
  5. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    Try finding it in the market and see if it asks you to install or open. If it asks to install then it may not be correctly installed. Also, when opening up your apps, make sure you're viewing "All apps" and not just favorites or downloaded apps. Finally, try finding the PDF files that you want to view and just open them, that should prompt your phone to ask what app you want to use to view the PDF.
  6. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    Did all that but still no luck. Apparently I'm not the only one with this issue. Android central lists several posts about this for the rezound for some reason.

    I am going to try to uninstall it then re-install it and see what happens.
  7. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    Well this is frustrating. Something must be interfering with it appearing on my list of apps. I'll try un-installing the last dozen or so apps I downloaded and see what happens.
  8. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    maybe it installed at a location that's not displaying in your apps list? do you have multiple locations for your ext_sd?
  9. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    TxGoat, thanks. No just the standard list that comes with the phone.

    Just got off the phone with htc and Verizon. Neither could help. Apparently not many folks yet have tried to view downloaded pdf files according to the tech support people I spoke with. Seems a little unbelievable to me. The htc person thought you could open them with Polaris.

    Two friends and my wife also have rezounds and they can't see it in their apps list either only on the manage apps list.
  10. TheXFactor

    TheXFactor Well-Known Member

    I don't see adobe reader in my app list but when I go to market, my apps, it's listed. Click the search button, type adobe reader, I see it. Strange.
  11. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    Yea, that is the way I get it too. Based on what htc tech support said this is not the way it was intended.
  12. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Maybe install an other PDF reader.

    Mantano Reader has a free version (with ads) for trying.

    Good with PDF annotations are RepliGo Reader and ezPDF Reader.

    An app for MS office docs to edit and PDF to read is DocumentsToGo.

    ... and all are better PDF readers than Adobe's ... ;)

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  13. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    The good news is that it at least opens up when I launch a PDF, but I am with you, I don't see it in my list of apps. I'm guessing it's one of those apps that HTC figured it could run in the background. Why do you need access to the program itself? Are you hoping to tweak a setting?
  14. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    Harry, thanks for the references. TxGoat I actually didn't need to see the app but it seemed to be the best or fastest way to get to the files.

    What I really wanted to do was to be able to quickly access all my important business files. I'm doing a start-up right now and looking for investors. That means people can contact me anytime and I need to be able to send them files. I copied the most important ones onto my phone and wanted to be able to access them easily. What I have found is that we don't have a good file manager. The Polaris App works pretty well for MS type of stuff but there is nothing for PDF files. I figured that if I could see Adobe Reader I could just access them from there. Then I discovered that it didn't show up even though it seems to run in the background. The key problem I'm having is getting to the files in a consistent manner.

    The best fix is a good file manager but the only one listed in the Rezound manual is Polaris, which is OK for MS stuff but is limited to Word, Excel and PP.

    TxGoat, how do you access the files?
  15. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    I don't have this problem with the "internal" Adobe reader with my HTC Sensation :) But most of the time I access my files with EStrongs File Explorer. It let me choose with which reader app to open a file.
    Adobe Reader is at its picking list ;)

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  16. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    Thanks Harry I'll give this and your other recommendations a try.
  17. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    Just a quick update. I found a decent file manager called OI File Manager. It's free, works well and requires very light permissions. It is easy to view and open PDF and other files.

    Here is the developers web site:

    OI File Manager | OpenIntents
  18. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Good choice, zazan :)

    I used OI Manager with my first Android phone for a long time.

    The mainly reason for switching to EStrongs was its abitity to access file shares on NAS and PC in my home network via WiFi.

  19. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    I use a File Explorer App. Granted my SD card is a bit of a mess since I brought over all my Thunderbolt items. I just have em sitting in My Documents and then you can also just add a folder on the Desktop.
  20. yanger

    yanger New Member

    i can 100% say its a bug on htc's end. my wife and i recently upgraded from our eris' to a droid 3 (me) and she got a rezound. right away she noticed the pdf issue. comparing between phones, i think htc bugged it by accident and stupidly made it a permanent bug since they packed it as a system app vs what it should be - a standard app. my bet is that if you root the rezound, and remove it and install it normally, it will be fine again. havent gotten to rooting her phone yet - mine gets rooted first lol

    if anyone else who is rooted can test this theory out, could complain to htc to fix it. lol
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  21. thameera

    thameera Well-Known Member

    Use Adobe Reader only if you need to read PDFs with a few pages. For larger ones and if you need better features, use Mantano Reader Free. I've tried several free PDF readers and finally settled with Mantano.
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  22. palmharbor11

    palmharbor11 New Member

    I was having this same exact problem. I downloaded a bunch of PDF files to my phone but was unable to locate them or find adobe reader unless i went to the market place to open it.

    Since my phone is rooted, I was able to uninstall the stock Adobe reader and then reinstalled it from the marketplace. It now shows up in my apps and lists all the pdf documents on my phone.

    Rooting your phone, uninstalling and then reinstalling adobe reader may be the only workaround for this issue... Unless anyone else knows of something else... Besides using a different app.

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