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  1. Am I understanding this correctly? When someone sends me a picture message, I can open the message (and it goes in to a 5 second slideshow), but I can't zoom in on the picture at all?

    There has be to something that I am missing, here. The images are quite small as is. I can save them, then view from the gallery, but why should I have to?

    I get that a lot of people are going to recommend GoSMS or Handcent, but I have a few quirky issues with each of those as well and I've always much preferred stock messaging apps as they seem more "polished".

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  2. question729

    question729 Well-Known Member

    I think that's just the way Android is. I've dealt with it for the passed 2.5 years! Those slideshows are annoying as it is, nevermind having to save it just to zoom.
  3. Krunk83

    Krunk83 Well-Known Member

    That's the problem with the Samsung stock SMS app, it's sucks. You cants zoom in on the pics. What problems are you having with GoSMS because it works flawlessly for me. You just have to adjust the settings. The only way to zoom into pics with the stock SMS app is to save the pic.
  4. donas

    donas Well-Known Member

    It's not an answer to your question, but another option.....use Handcent-- I haven't had any trouble yet with it on the s3
  5. Didn't have the issue with my Evo 4G or Evo 3D. Sounds like it is specific to Samsung and/or TouchWiz. Damn shame and quite the oversight.

    I can't remember exactly what it was about GoSMS. I'll have to revisit it and see if I can eventually get it how I'd like.

    I do remember that, only in that app, would the first sentence of a message default to lowercase a lot of the time. As though it wouldn't communicate to the keyboard that a sentence was beginning. There was also an issue with getting Facebook profile images to show up for the contacts.

    Handcent really didn't work out well for me, though it was about a year ago. I can give it another try, too.

    REALLY surprised this simple task isn't available in the stock app, though.
  6. question729

    question729 Well-Known Member

    That's the way it was with my Incredible, so it affected Sense, too.
  7. DroidDave

    DroidDave Active Member

    You have to save the picture first as I used to do with my DInc. Once you do that, you can zoom in from the picture being in the gallery.
  8. cedjunior

    cedjunior Well-Known Member

    I was thinking that too, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

    My sister sent me 2 pics the other day. One plays as a slide show, the other opens in the gallery and I can zoom in. Neither of them are saved. The one that plays like a slide show has a little play button on the message.

    Also, my aunt sent me 2 pics the other day. I saved one and not the other, but both of them are zoom-able while viewing the mms message.
  9. question729

    question729 Well-Known Member

    What phones do they have?
  10. cedjunior

    cedjunior Well-Known Member

    No idea. My aunt probably wouldn't even know what kind of phone she has if I asked her, and my sister is 1200 miles away.
  11. Getting a tad frustrating. I tried with GoSMS, but the notification LED doesn't work, it routinely starts messages in lower-case, and I can't get the contacts to show images from Facebook. Quite a disappointing app, actually. Not sure why it gets so much praise.

    I suppose I'll give Handcent a shot.
  12. Jbartu

    Jbartu Member

    I had this same issue on my Razr. I found it was only an issue when the picture originated on an iPhone.
  13. I've received pictures from an Evo 4G, Evo 3D, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4s. They all have the same issue.
  14. Jbartu

    Jbartu Member

    That's odd. I just sent a photo from my Maxx, and it zoomed just fine. I also forwarded a text, from my Maxx, that my wife sent me from her iPhone, and that picture was a slide show where I couldn't zoom. I had to save the attachment into my gallery to zoom.
  15. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Very annoying...Something that I've missed for years from the ease of ios...

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