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  1. Marcus38

    Marcus38 New Member

    Looking at getting a viewpad 10s that has the android 2.2 os on it. Does anyone know if it can be upgraded to android 3.0? :)

  2. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Like the US Gtablet, this European device will probably not be upgraded to Android 3.0 until google releases the Honeycomb AOSP to the public or if Viewsonic happens to get the AOSP from google.

    We are on the same boat with the gtablet so we're playing the waiting game too. :(

    I'm fairly confident that both devices can run Honeycomb with no problems but it's just a matter of when the devs or Viewsonic can get their hands on the AOSP.

    BTW. welcome to the forums.
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  3. andrewbat

    andrewbat New Member

    Has there been any update on whether the Viewpad 10s will get Honeycomb?

    Am thinking of buying one as they are reasonably priced.

    Any help appreciated

    Thanks :eek:
  4. [Legionnaire]

    [Legionnaire] Active Member

    Honeycomb 3.2 for ViewPad 10s - [ROM] ViewCOMB 3.2

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