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  1. unicron_uk

    unicron_uk New Member


    I got a good deal on a viewpad 7 should be coming in a few days just how well this tablet plays divx/avi in mplayer?

    Is it fast enough to run them?

    has anyone managed to overclock this device to say 800mhz?

    Also if I install skyfire I take it will run most flash web pages?


  2. chicknlil

    chicknlil Well-Known Member

    Several of your questions are answered in the FAQ, the stickied post in this forum.
  3. unicron_uk

    unicron_uk New Member

    Ok fair enough what about the DIVX/AVI question?

    and does skyfire work well with flash website on this device?
  4. chicknlil

    chicknlil Well-Known Member

    Depends on the flash content you're trying to access. If you're looking to do things like Facebook games, it's not going to work. I can't speak of other websites.

    Haven't tried to watch movies on this device but I seem to recall reading elsewhere that it's choppy at best. Granted, I don't know if those people were using an overclocked kernal, so that could make a difference.
  5. logger

    logger New Member

    Hi out there
    I have to say movies work great on my Viewpad7. After downloading movies from Movie2k i was getting the old no application can play this video line, so i tried this:-
    1. get MX Video Player from the market [free]
    2.On your PC:- download Handbrake [free]
    3.On your PC:- create folder on your SD Card [Feature Film]
    4.Download your favorite movies from Movie2k or wherever
    5.THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT!:- Run movie file through Handbrake and turn them into MP4 Files [don't forget to add audio track before run !]
    6.Copy file to SD Card root Then copy file to Feature Film Folder
    7.Load SD Card into Viewpad7 select MX Video Player and you should find your movies in Feature Films enjoy!

    This has turned my Viewpad7 into the complete tablet without overclocking
    and without custom Roms.
  6. logger

    logger New Member

    hi out there
    if you ignore my last post and download latest purchased MX Player PRO + Codec extn's it should play downloaded flash movies without the need to convert to mp4 in handbrake
  7. logger

    logger New Member

    Hi out there
    update on last post forget the handbrake process. Just purchase MX Player Pro +codec extensions and try results. Worked for me on lots of movie downloads:)
  8. TokaS

    TokaS Member

    been having problems with movies...managed to get small clips to play on the pad but as soon as they go over 70mb i get the sorry cannot play the video. suddenly my pad wont play youtube videos at HQ either...not sure if it is linked, but i am fairly sure it did play them when i first got the tab. i have the mx player and codecs installed...
    any ideas? used freemake video converter to get my dvd's into 3gp format...

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