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Viewsonic G-Tablet

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  1. ThaPhreak

    ThaPhreak New Member

    ok guys so i got a new viewsonic g-tab 10.1 it's got the stock rom, now i've looked around and alot of scatter as to what to use, i know some people love this rom n that rom and this loader and that loader etc. Can someone give me some real direction here, i tried xda about another lil tab i got and was ignore (go figure) i plan to use it for light-medium surfing use, games like angry birds and facebook apps and poker apps... and coding of html, css and maybe even java/javascript. soooo whatcha think the best setup to go with would be? i got a 16gb class 10 card so i can backup anything i need, and i've got over a decade of tech work and better then avg linux knowledge...

    someone tell this droid noob whut to do? :D

    Thanks guys!

  2. LuN3yDaV3

    LuN3yDaV3 New Member

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  3. ThaPhreak

    ThaPhreak New Member

  4. ThaPhreak

    ThaPhreak New Member

    does the multi touch function work on tnt lite 4.2.4? (i think thats the latest release)
  5. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Yes it does. MT works on all the roms including the stock rom.

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