Viewsonic Viewpad 10. Need helpSupport

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  1. jlmb

    jlmb New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I have a viewpad viewsonic 10 and i've been trying for a while to install the android 4.0 but whithout success.
    I corrently have the android 2.2 and windows 7.
    I use this steps of installation:
    1- Use unetbootin to pass the files whithin the iso to a pen drive;
    2- Run the tablet through the usb drive;
    3- Choose to install to hard disk;
    When shows to choose when to install the android, the installation menu breaks and i can't sellect any of the installation option.

    Anyone can help me please?

  2. wysiwyg-uk

    wysiwyg-uk New Member

    did you format to ext 2 or 3

    my installation failed if i formatted as fat or ntfs

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