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  1. HarleyChick

    HarleyChick Well-Known Member

    It appears no one ever pays attention to the ViewPad forum, so I'm posting this here. I have questions about the ViewPad and I'd like to throw this out there to see if anyone can help.

    Are the rooting instructions for the ViewPad 7 the same as those for the Viewsonic Gtab? Does the ViewPad 7 suffer from the same viewing angle problem that seems to be apparent in the Gtab (not that I know of personally, but posters seem to bring that up A LOT)? Is it possible to download or somehow get flash 10.1 despite the fact that (on Amazon) it says that flash 10.1 is not supported?

    I'm sure I'll think of more, but that's all for now.

  2. mightyjackstar

    mightyjackstar New Member

    From what I understand the Viewpad 7 is the same device as the Commtiva N700. I have mine rooted, with a stripped down ROM to get rid of the bloatware and it works great!

    Find all the instructions you need at MoDaCo (just Google it!). I highly recommend this tablet.
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  3. ZeroXtreme

    ZeroXtreme New Member

    Have you managed to get apps2ext working on this? Can't seem to find any ROM supporting it.
  4. HarleyChick

    HarleyChick Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I finally took the plunge and ordered my Viewpad 7 yesterday from Amazon. Despite paying for overnight shipping, I will not get it until at least tomorrow - of course, I had to order it during one of the worst weather events in history! Still, I can't wait to get it!
  5. ming0971

    ming0971 New Member

    There is one kernel for viewpad that support app2sd (such as: darktremor a2sd). I managed to flash the kernel ( using clockworkmod recovery and flash dtapps2sd ( also. And now I have all my application moved to EXT4 of my SDcard.

    First, flash the kernel then dtapps2sd.
  6. chicknlil

    chicknlil Well-Known Member

    Why you'd go to all the trouble of flashing a kernal just for app2sd is beyond me...

    You can just as easily accomplish the same thing without risking bricking your device by buying a SD card, formatting part of it to ext2 or ext4, and then using the free market app link2SD to move everything - cache and all - over to that new partition on your SD card. There's more detailed directions on XDA, but you definitely don't need to flash a new kernal just to move apps.
  7. ikbl4u

    ikbl4u New Member

    Ok, new in here, and just trying to find out as much as I can about this wizzy little thing. I use it for emails and business messaging as an adjunct to my Blackberry. The AP feature is great for jobs where I need to have BOTH my Win7 laptop AND my Ipad1 with connectivity. So , thought i would say Hi, and would really like to know more...
    Flash 10 would have made this thing SO much sweeter, but maybe it will come,,, fingers crossed.....LOL
  8. Kby

    Kby Member

    my viewpad & touchscreen is not working after i have flash in original rom from viewsonic please help me out.

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