Vignette gallery so s-l-o-w

  1. tuscan440

    tuscan440 Active Member


    I installed the full version of vignette after Camera ZoomFX kept on crashing repeatedly. A nice app but now i have it installed my gallery is soooo slow to load through my stock android app :mad:. I only have around 120 photos but the thumbnails take literally minutes to load up fully and scrolling between photos is just not worth it as it cant scroll smoothly at all, and looks like it is doing about 1 frame per second!

    I read the solution about turning on USB tethering which somehow helped but now it is slow again and i don't have the option to USB tether as it is off again and blanked out??!

    i also tried SDrescan which didnt improve it either.

    Also it is really slow at processing pictures once they are taken (about a minute or so) and also when providing a preview (about 5-6 seconds). My phone has very few apps on it and runs eveything else is fine so I know it isn't lacking resources.

    Any ideas?

  2. piertown

    piertown Well-Known Member

    It's USB debugging you should be ticking
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  3. tuscan440

    tuscan440 Active Member

    DOH! thats what i wonder usb tethering was blanked out then!

    However I did just look at usb debugging and it was selected (but gallery still slow) I unselected then selected it again and now its back to good speed wtf?!! this seems so random, i hope gingerbread sorts this out.

    Cheers dude.
  4. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    I've been using Vignette for a long time and I have never experienced this. I have over well over 200 photos.

    I don't have Vignette set to see the entire gallery, I only have it set to look at the pics in DCIM, I have very few pics in there.

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