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Virgin Mobile and Google Voice

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  1. retromind

    retromind Well-Known Member

    So basically there is no workaround for getting call forwarding to work? It will always go to either vm or gv's voicemail?

  2. KingCJ

    KingCJ New Member

    Google voice is completely separate from vm. Gv account will always remain active it just wont transfer the call to your phone it will send it straight to gv voicemail
  3. qu4ttro

    qu4ttro Well-Known Member

    Right. Shouldn't be a problem though, even if you're out of coverage the Google Voice vm will still pick up.
  4. retromind

    retromind Well-Known Member

    yeah, only downside is having to depend on a wifi/data connection, so it can pick up the calls. I'm used to toggle my mobile data to get the most charge of my battery.
  5. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    I don't think you quite understand yet. Basically, all GV is doing is attempting to forward the call. If you (or the VM voicemail) picks up the call, GV releases the forwarded call. If you do not pick up, after the specified number of rings, GV Voicemail answers the call.

    You do not need to have data for GV to work; other than you need a data connection to get the message from the GV voicemail system. Personally, I have GV forward any voicemails I get to my Gmail account -- so I get an email notification of a new voicemail, which includes a (attempted) transcript of the message, and a copy of the recording.
  6. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    This is one of the sneaky little things that I don't like about Virgin, when my sister ported her number out she no longer had access to her funds. This wasn't explained to her and the only option was for me to argue for an hour and temporarily activate a phone for the month to be able to transfer the remainder. If there is no Virgin phone number tied to the account you have no way to access it. The only nice thing about this was they activated the phone on the $25 plan which doesn't exist anymore.
  7. shadal

    shadal Active Member

    I sent an email into Virgin Mobile yesterday, basically putting in my voice for support of Google Voicemail, this is what I got back...

    Thanks for contacting Virgin Mobile Customer Care.

    Virgin Mobile is doing the best to keep up-to-date with the latest
    technology that you are demanding and we wish to satisfy that demand.

    We will of course be adding more feature to our service, but as of right
    now we have no news about Google voice voicemail.

    But please stay tuned to our website to keep updated with these
    excellent news. We will forward this email to a higher department so
    they can receive your feedback and opinion.
  8. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    Yes, unfortunately VM doesn't support Google Voice voicemail. What you can do instead, though, is ask VM to turn off your VM voicemail. The other option is to make sure that GV voicemail is set to pick up in fewer rings than the VM voicemail.
  9. shadal

    shadal Active Member

    thanks mogelijk,
    I already knew they don't support voicemail forwarding, that's why I sent in my request.

    I use google voicemail for my business line, and as long as I don't touch the "decline call" button but rather silence the call with the ringer button, the call eventually gets to my google voicemail account.

    The more people who email in requesting this feature, the better our chances are of getting it!...
  10. qu4ttro

    qu4ttro Well-Known Member

    It would not be difficult for Virgin to implement GV support, as Sprint already has this feature. I think the bigger obstacle is that Sprint will want to keep these types of premium features to themselves to help distinguish their post-paid plans from the less profitable prepaid service.

    Good looking out though, can't hurt to make your voice heard with Virgin!
  11. Zx5

    Zx5 Well-Known Member

    EDIT: Could a moderator please delete this post? Thanks.
  12. medmansri

    medmansri Well-Known Member

    Well done! Which email address did you send to? I think everyone should email to request for Google Voice support!
  13. javapop

    javapop Active Member

    HOW do you change the ring number for pickup on Google Voicemail?
  14. javapop

    javapop Active Member

    Does GrooveIP actually bypass incoming calls as well? Do you give out your regular number? or your GV number?
  15. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    Calls made to your Google Voice number, when GrooveIP is signed in, will not count against your mobile minutes. Personally, I only give out my Google Voice number for people to call. I only have GrooveIP signed in when I am connected by WiFi (you can select this in the settings), so if I am using WiFi my calls are "free" but away from WiFi, even though I'm still using Google Voice, it uses my minutes.
  16. javapop

    javapop Active Member

    I was under the impression that the calls via 3g went through using VOIP as well... although, I haven't tried it off wifi yet, nevertheless, that should accomplish what I'm aiming for; which is to reduce minutes that cost!
  17. Ranhead

    Ranhead Well-Known Member

    Using VM 3G for VOIP has mixed results. There is a good chance that you will not be happy with the quality.
    mogelijk likes this.
  18. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    Ranhead's answer is the reason I have it set up for WiFi only. You can set it up for 3G, many people do and are happy with it. A lot of it depends on the strength and stability of 3G/4G in the area where you are trying to use it.
  19. jamoosh

    jamoosh Well-Known Member

    How do you actually get through to a person when calling CS to deactivate voicemail? I keep going around in circles.
  20. Jay Gloab

    Jay Gloab Member

    Hi all - I just registered to ask this question (but I expect I'll stick around).

    Two people have suggested that the way to get around VM's lack of voicemail forwarding is to set your GV voicemail to pick up in fewer rings. But how do you actually do that? I can't find a setting for that in the GV settings, and after perusing Google's GV support forum I'm getting the impression that it isn't actually possible. I'm hoping I'm wrong, because I would much prefer to use Google voicemail if possible.
  21. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I spoke with several people at VMU and they all told me this was no possible, but members here insist it was possible for them, YMMV.

    I never had to do this and the only time my VMU voicemail gets the call is when I slide the decline call button. I usually either take the call and tell the Google Voice Robot lady to send the call to my VM or press the volume rocker to silence the call.
    Jay Gloab likes this.
  22. jae_63

    jae_63 Well-Known Member

  23. Jay Gloab

    Jay Gloab Member

    I'll be damned, it didn't even occur to me that hitting Decline would make the call go straight to the VMU voicemail. If it let it ring out, it does go to my Google VM. I guess that's my solution.

    Thanks for your help!

    Thank you too!
  24. nsphreak

    nsphreak Member

    This is not possible on Google Voice any longer.

    This link is 4 years old, and is no longer valid. This option is not possible on Google Voice any longer.

    So does this mean we are screwed on VM using G-voice?
  25. Jay Gloab

    Jay Gloab Member

    As someone else suggested, if you just don't answer the call, GV voicemail will answer instead of VM voicemail. If you press "Decline" on the phone while it's still ringing, then it will go to VM voicemail.

    I find this acceptable; YMMV.

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