[Virgin Mobile] any good roms??

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  1. TronXiix

    TronXiix Well-Known Member

    any compatible roms that works for virgin mobile samsung galaxy s3. i tried cmw 10.0 and 10.1 it was working good but cannot connect to wifi :(

  2. Ping0

    Ping0 Well-Known Member

    I'm running peoples rom, you will need to set APN's so make sure you have that. runs good, no camera issues, only issue i have is that i cant send or receive MMS while on wifi, but if you turn it off, it does its job. here's the link for setting APN'

  3. TronXiix

    TronXiix Well-Known Member

    Could you send me the link
    Anything that I need to install it?
  4. redrunner1985

    redrunner1985 Well-Known Member

    Wicked Sensations is a good ROM as well.
  5. TronXiix

    TronXiix Well-Known Member

    Anything error with wicked sensations rom?
  6. redrunner1985

    redrunner1985 Well-Known Member

    They only issue I had was the DLNA file sharing not working, but Samsung updated a few days ago and now it works.
  7. TronXiix

    TronXiix Well-Known Member

    I tryed it and then I restore backcto my old stock rom. After installing that it gave sprint boot animation after powering off on my origional rom and it got rid of virgin mobile boot animation :( it bugs me. Just having blank black screen
  8. spacepanda

    spacepanda Well-Known Member

    follow the cm 10.1 guide, if you want a rom. nothing's going to be stable at this point, so don't flash if you aren't willing to deal with the hassle.

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