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Virgin Mobile Canada

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  1. stewy

    stewy Well-Known Member

    I've read about the update to the market a while back... the one that allows you to enable automatic updating of applications. It didn't take effect on my Canadian Virgin Legend until today.

    Any other Canadian virgin mobile users notice the update to the market today?

  2. nolook

    nolook Active Member

    i think its more like for everyone using the canadian android market...
  3. stewy

    stewy Well-Known Member

    Could be!
  4. iamhtclegend

    iamhtclegend Member

    no, i've been able to set apps to auto-update in the market for a while, 2.1 legend on Bell.

    although apparently market was completely redesigned today but that hasn't come through to me yet
  5. stewy

    stewy Well-Known Member

    weird... it's only been the last few days for me... and i browse the market a lot... I would have noticed it.

    I wonder when we'll get froyo?!
  6. stewy

    stewy Well-Known Member

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  7. westlam

    westlam Member

    Anybody have any news on the 2.2 upgrade?
  8. stewy

    stewy Well-Known Member

    Still waiting here... I haven't heard any news about it since that tweet. I've been checking daily since the 10th but still nothing :(

    I've even subscribed to virgin mobile on twitter.
  9. stewy

    stewy Well-Known Member

  10. Pea19

    Pea19 Member

    Anyone know whether Virgin charges us for received data? Or is it just the stuff we send?
  11. pirround

    pirround New Member

    Yes they charge for received data

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