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  1. marcusi23

    marcusi23 Well-Known Member

    Hi i was wondering since i already have an evo 3d from sprint and virgin
    mobile is getting the evo 3d could i put my old evo on my virgin mobile
    account that i have now. im currently using the triumph now. if not
    could you explain why. because i was thinking about this and i don't see
    why not the only problem i would have thought off would have been the
    data not working but they will both be using the same network.any
    information would be helpful.

  2. XsMagical

    XsMagical Well-Known Member Developer

    the answer is no, the reason is you need to have the virgin mobile firmware and software to run the activation and they will not accept esn's from other carriers. I know sprint may own them but you would have to buy the phone or do a trick to get it to work.
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  3. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    Basically you can't change the ESN without the carriers approval. VM won't allow it. So it isn't legal to do so, and thus against forum rules to discuss how to do so.

    If you want to call VM and ask, then go ahead, but without their consent you can't legally do it.
  4. hex3n

    hex3n New Member

    Hello marcusi23,

    Will you do me a favor and attempt to activate the phone on the Virgin Mobile network. I know it's possible to activate some of the other Sprint phones on the network, such as the Optimus S.

    You can do so by logging into your virgin mobile account online and select swap phone. If this doesn't work call virgin mobile and tell them you've upgraded your phone and provide them with the ESN.
  5. mjs2011

    mjs2011 Well-Known Member

    here's a question, I currently have the $40/mo plan and my month starts over on the 21st. i plan on purchasing the Evo right when it comes out and switching to the $35/mo plan. Would it be smarter of me to just switch to the $35/mo plan now so I don't pay for my plan on the 21st and then again on the 31st when I activate my new phone?
  6. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    No, you will be charged twice.
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  7. mjs2011

    mjs2011 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Just switched my plan now.

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