Virgin Mobile gets Roaming will Boost get it too?

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  1. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    Hey guys on the Virgin mobile FB page a Rep responded basically saying Virgin Mobile will get off network roaming Effective 7/01/12 no fee's have been giving yet of the roaming.

    Proof Virgin Mobile Gets of network roaming

    Let me just say that i WILL BE PISSED OFF if Boost Mobile doesnt get off network Roaming too.

  2. Jay Aristide

    Jay Aristide Well-Known Member

    Off-network roaming gets pretty expensive pretty fast. I'll pass :)
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  3. mastersoup

    mastersoup Well-Known Member

    Virgin Mobile USA Hi everyone. I need to clarify comments about roaming on Virgin Mobile. Roaming is not available. We did recently update our terms and conditions (effective 7/1/12) in order to make our language more consistent with Sprint’s. There is a new reference to roaming, but we have no plans to add roaming at this time. For information on whether roaming applies, see your service plan details. Our sincere apologies. ^Justin C

    so much for that.... ****.
  4. haris163

    haris163 Well-Known Member

    I would not mind optional per-fee roaming for the rare cases I might be roaming and need to make a call.
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  5. jsjammu77

    jsjammu77 Member

    I was in Mendocino County in march 2012 for a weekend trip and there was no coverage at all of any kind on Virgin Mobile (Triumph) at that time. ATT had the best coverage on the north coast. I don't mind there is no data but phone coverage is a must even if it's pay per use..something to think about if you frequent certain places.
  6. copperwerewolf

    copperwerewolf Active Member

    Prepaid shouldn't offer roaming? Boost is way behind the times in my opinion.
    *Metro & Cricket get 2g roaming ($2-5 per month add on) unlimited free texts / .19 to .25
  7. ChickenMonkee

    ChickenMonkee Well-Known Member

    Yesterday my LG Venice on Boost asked me if I wanted to roam 2 times and I checked Don't show me this again and chose Roam. My phone doesn't have a roam option in the settings for it. Running ICS.

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