Virgin Mobile LG Q Android Slider at Walmart? Real or not.

  1. jazzbot

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    Almost bought this phone thinking it was Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V Slider. I do not see any reference to this LG Q Slider running on Virgin's network. Lot of references for the StraightTalk network. Is this a new phone for Virgin from Walmart and what is the difference between the two sliders. I was told by Virgin this Q Slider would nullify my $25 plan which is a bad thing.

    Future thanks

  2. mogelijk

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    You seem to be confusing two phones. By Virgin's naming conventions, there is the Optimus V and then the Optimus Slider -- similar phones but the Slider has the physical keyboard. The Optimus Slider is the same phone that the other carriers call the Optimus Q, so Walmart is merely combining the two names. So, no, it is not a new phone.

    Also, from what Virgin announced earlier, you should be able to switch to this phone and keep your grandfathered plan, since it was released prior to May 1 (unless VM changed their policy recently).
  3. jazzbot

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  4. coco3133

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    Wal-Mart is a dumbass :p :)
    Its straighttalk tht has that and is called a Q, VM is Slider
    They just messed it up,same specs as a Slider
  5. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    The "confused" part I was responding to was this comment, by you, "thinking it was Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V Slider". There is no "Optimus V Slider", there is an Optimus V and an Optimus Slider. That portion had nothing to do with the phone Walmart is selling. The Slider has a different processor, different Android version and other differences from the V, as well as the physical keyboard.

    Now, the Optimus Slider is merely Virgin's branding of the Optimus Q, which is also sold by Tracfone, Net 10, and Straight Talk (and likely a few others). For whatever reason, Walmart is merely adding the "Q" label to the Virgin Mobile phone, possibly because they are trying to make it easier for people to know that it is the same phone being offered by the four different providers (since Walmart sells Tracfone, Net 10, VM and Straight Talk).

    The phone is the Optimus Slider that Walmart has mislabled. If you actually see the box, you will see it is the same Virgin Mobile Optimus Slider as is available on the VM website. Also, if you look at the reviews on Walmart's webpage for the LG Q Android Slider you will see that they date back to January of this year -- again indicating this is not a new phone.
  6. Petrah

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    Agreed. They totally screwed up the name. :(

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