[Virgin Mobile] NDC vs ND8

  1. Piznick64

    Piznick64 Well-Known Member

    im kinda new to the 4.4.2 touchwiz modems here, is their any differences between the two?

  2. Darien153

    Darien153 Well-Known Member

    ND8 is a Sprint modem and NDC is for Virgin Mobile. Doesn't matter which on you use for 4.4.2 - 4.4.3 :)
  3. Piznick64

    Piznick64 Well-Known Member

    so if i install a ROm it wont effect anything i have nd8 atm
  4. Darien153

    Darien153 Well-Known Member

    No it will not.. You are just fine
  5. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Well-Known Member Developer

    That's not entirely true. Tests have shown that if you are on the ND8 boot loader, NDC modem breaks wifi, and vice versa. Custom kernel fixes this, but if you are stock everything, mix matching like that may break Wi-Fi. Also folks say there's not much difference in the signal. Boost has NDC also.
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  6. Piznick64

    Piznick64 Well-Known Member

    so since i have nd8 i should keep nd8 everything or should i switch
  7. jmatherly411

    jmatherly411 Well-Known Member

    I somewhat disagree the NDC modem seems to be more superior in contrast with the ND8 modem. I have a friend that is on the 4.4 ND8 stock build and we compared it against my stock 4.4 NDC build. LTE was at least 3-5dB stronger on the NDC build than the ND8 build in pretty much every coverage area that we got LTE, even LTE was smoother handing off to eHRPD/EV-DO when making the transition from LTE to 3G. There was even areas where my phone would hang on to LTE longer before making the transition back to 3G when in fringe areas of LTE.

    I keep reading complaints about the signal bars fluctuating up and down on either the NDC or ND8 build. This is because the signal bars ONLY reflect either 3G eHRPD/EV-DO or LTE data connections. On the 4.3 MK5 build the signal bars indicated 1x RTT when on 3G eHRPD/EV-DO and when you were in an LTE service area the signal bars represented the LTE signal strength. The only time the ND8 or NDC builds will indicate 1x RTT signal strength bars is when you have completely lost 3G eHRPD/EV-DO or LTE.
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  8. Piznick64

    Piznick64 Well-Known Member

    so youre saying ndc is better for 3g/lte?
  9. moonknightus

    moonknightus Well-Known Member

    What he's saying is try them out and see for yourself. I have personally experienced no difference between the ND8 and NDC modems in signal strength. I live in an area with poor 3G service (fringe 3G), and I work in an area with great LTE service so I go through several different levels of signal strength on a daily basis. No difference between the two for me.
  10. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    I flashed the NDC tar and my signal strength is identical to ND8, however it seems like when I'm at home which doesn't have great coverage, my phone seems to drop data quite a bit. Never noticed it on ND8 nor does my wife's phone do it which is ND8.

    Could be my phone as it's been a tad goofy lately, so I may flash the ND8 moderm and see what happens
  11. BoomBoom53

    BoomBoom53 Well-Known Member

    Question: Almong with which modem we use, wouldn't the PRL also contribute to the differences we seem to be having in the phone changing between LTE and 3G, tower switching, etc?
  12. jmatherly411

    jmatherly411 Well-Known Member

    No, the PRL has no effect on which towers your phone connects too, especially for native Sprint coverage. Updating the "data profile" would have an effect on 3G and LTE, especially if you live in an area that is currently ongoing LTE upgrades. The PRL update to 33031 was more than likely pushed to optimize the new NDC modem that came along with the KitKat update.
  13. mudflap2020

    mudflap2020 Well-Known Member

    Dont know where to put this but here: is there a way to fix the samsung carrier logo on ndc?, nd8 says sprint like it should, but ndc says samsung, also the vm essentials dont properly download, any way to fix??
  14. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Well-Known Member Developer

    This is from @jmatherly411

    For those of you that are seeing "Samsung" in the pull down menu as well as the network type displaying "Samsung" there is a fix in the PlayStore, its called "Refresh Customization" by Samsung MNO Labs. This will factory reset your phone after you download select the first option called "Refresh Customization Opt1," if it is unsuccessful try "Opt2." This fixed my phone after the KitKat upgrade and if your like me and use Sensorly to map Sprint's network it will not correctly map the info because Sensorly thinks you on a network called "Samsung."

    This app was designed for Samsung Galaxy devices ONLY running on Sprint's networks. If a Samsung device's initial customization settings has been lost due to the system upgrade to the KitKat platform then this is your fix. This also repairs the "My Account" app that displays "MobileZone."

    Also my device is completely stock on 4.4 so for those of you that are rooted I have no idea if this will work.
  15. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Flashing the APN fix may also fix this. My phone was displaying Sprint while on ND8. I flashed the Boost APN fix and my phone now says Boost. The VM APN fix may help with this issue. I'm not sure but just thought I would mention it. One thing is for sure, it definitely wouldn't hurt anything flashing the VM APN fix 1st to see if it'll work. ;)
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  16. Piznick64

    Piznick64 Well-Known Member

    i already did that
  17. techmanc

    techmanc Well-Known Member

    So I just now trying to learn more about my phone and a quick question about where I should be reading to get the ndc number off my G3. In about device I see it listed 3 times which is where I am assuming I get the info. I see number listed as part of my Software Version, Baseband Version, and Build Number. Is this where I go to keep track of what version I have?
  18. jdsingle76

    jdsingle76 Well-Known Member Developer

    Yep, that's exactly where you go

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