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Virgin Mobile New Phones?

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  1. dhman06

    dhman06 Active Member

    Is there any good phones (1GHZ or +) coming to Virgin Mobile soon? VM Canada seems to get Samsung Galaxy S ll. Any news of that coming to VM US?

  2. b_randon14

    b_randon14 Well-Known Member Developer

    Keep dreaming. Vm elsewhere is a much different company. And not a prepaid company as well!!
  3. Davidgellman

    Davidgellman Member

    The Motorola Triumph has a 1 ghz processor. I'm considering upgrading to it from the LG Optimus V.
  4. gadgetmonster

    gadgetmonster Well-Known Member

    My bro loves his triumph, go for it! Search around, there is a 30% coupon floating around.
  5. avenue

    avenue Member

  6. wafflecow

    wafflecow Well-Known Member

    Theres now news of an LG event on Dec 1. LG OPTIMUS BLACK! !!!!!!
  7. Hooligan77

    Hooligan77 Well-Known Member

    That "Giving" promo code is all done with now, ended on the 21st it appears.

    Is the optimus black coming to the states?
  8. Skratte

    Skratte Well-Known Member

    Sprint is selling it under the name LG Marquee. US Celluar will be selling it shortly as the LG Majestic.

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