Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Reverb vs. Samsung Galaxy Ring vs. Samsung Galaxy Victory?

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  1. annaxangela

    annaxangela Member


    I'm looking to invest in a new phone and upgrade from the LG Optimus V (really cannot stand the OS and the smallness of the screen). I've found three phones from VM that look promising, but really wasn't sure where to go. I'm fine with all of the prices, especially with the discounts, so price isn't an issue. Just wanted to know what people thought of each: the Reverb, Ring, and Victory. Thanks!

  2. Moronman66

    Moronman66 New Member

    Well, between the three of them, the (confirmed) best spec'ed one is the Victory. It has a dual core processor that's from a newer generation, it's got LTE, a bigger battery, more RAM and android 4.1 as opposed to android 4.0. Now, the thing about the Samsung Ring is that it's not confirmed whether or not it's a single core or quad core processor yet, and there is a considerable amount of controversy about that, but it also doesn't have LTE either way, which only really should matter to you if you use data on the go much. Personally, either way, you can't go wrong with the Galaxy Victory 4G LTE. Spec wise, It's a solid phone for a decent price.
  3. alexacuna

    alexacuna Well-Known Member

    Ring has dual core 1.4 Ghz and feels very similar to the Victory. 4G LTE for the extra $20 seems very worth it to me.
  4. AndroidHaCks

    AndroidHaCks Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have the Victory and I have no complaints.
  5. soxtober05

    soxtober05 Well-Known Member

    According to Samsung's website, the Galaxy Ring is a single core. They make no mention of different models or variants of this phone. Even VM has redacted the "quad" portion of the description. It's a MSM8655 1.4GHz Snapdragon S2 single-core.

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