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Virgin Mobile/Sprint Visual Voicemail App for CM10

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  1. jfinnigan

    jfinnigan Active Member

    Does anyone have a visual voice mail apk (sprint/virgin moblie) that will work on CM10 with the HTC evo v 4g? I had one working when I was on 4.0 instead of 4.1 any ideas I really need this working. Everything else about CM10 is great!!

  2. thIsgUy20

    thIsgUy20 Well-Known Member

    I just flashed pacman v20 which is android 4.2.2 and i got visual voicemail. If u got on xda and go to DA St cm10.1 ROM then go down there will be a link where you can download visual voicemail.....or ill give u the link
  3. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Moved to ATR.
  4. jfinnigan

    jfinnigan Active Member

    Can you give me the link a found a a lot of topics when I went to xda an search for DA St cm10.1 but didn't seem to find the right one

  5. thIsgUy20

    thIsgUy20 Well-Known Member

  6. fightinglee

    fightinglee Active Member

    I have tried that sprint voicemail app on CM10.1 Wild For The Night. I have never got VVM to work. I cant even get a voicemail notification. Too bad because i think it is the best ROM out there, but i have to be able to get a voicemail notification. Even if visual voice didnt work, that would be fine, but no notification at all, I cant do. It installs, but never actually receives a message. Have you fully tested receiving messages thisguy?

    I have tried re-installing the rom many times and with different apk files. Wish i knew why it appears to work on yours thisguy.
  7. jfinnigan

    jfinnigan Active Member

    Same here I tried it on midnight and it is not working, In fact for me it won't even play the sample voice mails in the application you click the play button and it pauses immediately. It says it provisions successfully and I still get the texts from 9016 but they never show in the visual voicemail app. It would be great if someone could get this working I really want it. It's the only thing missing from this rom.

    Thisguy are you using the Virgin mobile version or the sprint version? I've used this sprint version with most in the past since, but this time I did you the virgin mobile version.

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