[Virgin Mobile] Stock 4.1.2 Deodexed (no optimization)

  1. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

    For those who want to be able to theme without installing a custom ROM that may or may not have all features working, here is the full stock 4.1.2 firmware rooted and deodexed with no other changes:

    Note- This was built from a bad backup, causing issues with the radios and MMS. Please give me a day or two to rebuild from a good backup, and I will post the new download link. Sorry for the problems!

    Installation instructions:

    1. Download and place on sdcard
    2. Reboot into recovery
    3. Do a backup!!!
    4. Wipe cache and dalvik-cache
    5. Format boot, system, and data (may not be necessary, backup first!)
    6. Install the zip file (may be on your extsdcard)
    7. reboot (be patient, first boot after wiping dalvik takes longer)
    Why deodex? What are odex files?

    1. The Android dalvik virtual machine uses special files called odex to store class info/data for faster access. However, this only makes a noticeable difference on first boot, once the dalvik-cache is built, it makes no difference.
    2. If odex is faster, whey deodex? Making changes to the frameworks for themes and other purposes is much easier (100x easier) with deodexed files.
    3. Though first boot after wiping dalvik-cache is always slower, subsequent boots and runtimes for a deodexed ROM are compatible if not faster to an odexed ROM.
    Note - NinjaMorph in the market works great for simple to complex changes and themes.

    I cannot thank g60madman enough for hosting these files for the community!
    Click here to donate and help offset the hosting costs, thank you!

    Thanks to Dsixda for creating the Android Kitchen used for deodexing!

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  2. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase Guide

    Very nice. So I assume that this would work for people who want to use like...Rom Toolbox or another tool similar to that?

    Or when you say theme do you mean pull out apks and edit images?

    Just curious, since I tend to mess around with themes.
  3. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

    Both. So long as the method supports Android 4.1.2, it's worth testing!

    BTW- I've had a report of a status (7) error during install, I probably borked the script, I'll repack it and post the new link later today. Hopefully this is fixed as of 7-2-13 ;)
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  4. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    How long should first boot take. Mine sat at Samsung logo for 20min

    Edit: I finally got it to boot after a couple more wipes and installs. Can't get a network connection to come up. Tried toggling airplane mode and checked network setting but nothing worked
  5. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

    Could you post a logcat to pastebin.com? That should show what's wrong with the network not connecting, or at least when it's having troubles.
  6. infamous1

    infamous1 Member

    I was trying to download and when I do it does download but it fails and tries again, strangely it names the download as untitled, the regular victorious rom downloads just fine. I was just wondering what I got to do to download it from the vmobi browser, I have space for it just fine. This is exactly the update I've been looking for my phone at least till G60Madman gets CM 10.1 working this one is so fast its awesome though and we got it now so that's the best.
  7. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

    Downloads can be finicky. Try again, perhaps clear your browser's cache, and look for any file fragments in your download directory and your temp directory. You could also try downloading it on your phone itself when hooked to wifi.
  8. infamous1

    infamous1 Member

    Alright man, I'll give it a try again after trying those things. Thanks!
  9. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

    BTW- This was built from a dev phone's backup, so it has issues, MMS and possibly WiFi. I have a clean backup to build from now, so I will repost this within the next few days. Gotta get my build environment stable again, I hate upgrades!
  10. nsuchy2013

    nsuchy2013 Well-Known Member

    I am having issues with sound on this rom. Any ideas to fix?
  11. JerryScript

    JerryScript Well-Known Member

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