[Virgin Mobile] SYSTEM UPDATE For Galaxy Victory!!!

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  1. Danielonti

    Danielonti Active Member

    Hello :)
    I received a system update recently, but I'm currently rooted with TWRP. So I cannot update because the only thing updating does is reboot my phone. Now, my questions are. Can I update my cell phone with the root somehow? Or would I have to unroot and then update, and then root again?


    I was also wondering what this update is all about? If anyone knows :)

    THANKS! :)

  2. Tejer

    Tejer Well-Known Member

    Have you already updated your victory once before out of the box? As far as updating goes, you just need to put the stock recovery back on the phone and do it. You don't need to unroot or anything.
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  3. Tejer

    Tejer Well-Known Member

    Also, if you go to settings > build number can you tell me what it reads?

    Pix or it didn't happen ;)
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  4. Danielonti

    Danielonti Active Member

    Thanks for replying :)

    How would I do what you said? I kinda of a noob in this sorry.

    Under Build number it reads:
  5. Anonymo

    Anonymo Well-Known Member

    What Android version?
  6. Tejer

    Tejer Well-Known Member

    I dont believe this is another new update, I believe this is in fact the first and only current OTA that has been released. You probably rooted your phone before taking the initial OTA and that's what this is prompting you for. I could be very wrong but no other reports have been made on any new update.
  7. christiansoto

    christiansoto Well-Known Member

  8. Tejer

    Tejer Well-Known Member

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