Virgin Mobile Vs. T-Mobile Value Plan

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  1. dickalan

    dickalan Active Member

    I'm looking at these two plans and price points and was wondering what you guys suggest....

    I'm have two lines with T-mobile currently, but I'm out of contract with both of them now. So naturally I've been shopping around. T-mobile now has "value" plans. I'm looking at the $99 (for 2 lines) with unlimited talk and text and 2gb of data (throttled to 2g speeds afterwards). Since I've been a t-mobile customer for 5+ years I'm pretty sure I can get a "loyalty" discount so it would come to $90.00 a month rather than the $100. Also I'm sure I can get a Optimus V for free or at least a heavy discount since I'm due for an upgrade soon enough...

    Now, as you're all familiar... Virgin Mobile's is also $90 for 2 lines (45+45=90) with 1200 min (each line) and unlimited text and web (web being throttled in October after 2.5 gb). But I would have to pay for 2 $130 dollar phones = 260 (from amazon).

    What say ye? Any suggestions of a route I should go?

  2. AmishFury

    AmishFury Well-Known Member

    if you're happy with t-mobile's service and coverage and don't really use enough data where the throttling cap will be much of a problem (2G speeds can really suck) i see no reason to switch...

    also keep in mind roaming... IIRC t-mobile has free roaming while virgin just simply has NO roaming

    also the phone you'd get from t-mobile is an Optimus T not V
  3. dickalan

    dickalan Active Member

    1) So what will VM throttle you to in October? Cause either way I'll be throttled in a month or two after I signing up, and after using to 2gb. The t-mobile rep told me I would be throttled down to 2g speeds, aka the "edge" network I believe she said.

    2) Also, since I've never had a data plan before I have no idea how much 2gb actually will get me on an android. Any good way of explaining this?

    3) I've found out that the t-mobile "value" plans, you have to out-right by the phone's as well. So how does the "Optimus V" compare to the "Optimus T"? They're pretty much the same phone right?
  4. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    VM with start throttling data after 2.5 GB,unless you tether or hotspot,2.5 should be more then enough for browsing streaming audio a couple hours a day,and using Google maps to navigate,add the fact you can connect to WIFI when available,you should be fine,as for the phones they are the same,as for overall service this depends on where you live and how good sprints coverage is.
  5. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I've had my Optimus V since the end of March, I downloaded Droid Stats sometime after that, a week at most later. I have used 481mb total since say the first week of April.

    My month is up on the 23rd and I have used 141mb this month.

    Now, I do have a stand alone GPS unit, so I don't use my phone for that. I have a stand alone MP3 player, so I don't stream audio much. My kids do sometimes use my phone to stream Netflix while we're out of the house.

    I mainly use my Optimus V on 3g for email, net browsing and uploading images to Google+. YMMV
  6. JaneBricksBB

    JaneBricksBB New Member

    This forum thread really helps cellular phone users on how to compare Virgin Mobile Vs. T-Mobile Value Plan. It is also good to know the opinions of other users about the respective cellular phone service providers.
  7. CRISPY2104

    CRISPY2104 Member

    Funny I had the same question right before Christmas. Come to find out I know nobody with T-Mobile, and a couple people who had them a few years back, was unhappy with them.
    I end up going with VM, but with the wildfire because of the 100 off. I never really use the internet with the phone, until I quickly grew unhappy with the memory of the phone. I rooted the phone to get rid off bloatware, and figured if i was going to root being my first, I add wireless teathering and some other recommend apps. I never really used the tethering unitll, the past few weeks. Just to find out last week I started to play order and chaos at work for 4hr'5days a week and 2hr a day on the weekends with my daughters nook for Netflix. I'm pritty sure I'm well over my 2.5g with no cap as of yet. If i did not have time to play the game, I streamed Netflix with no one watching, just to test this out.

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